Google, another flop: closes a service

Every story, be it good or bad, you know, has a beginning but also an end. An indiscretion, concerning Google Stadiathe platform of cloud gaming Google license plate that allows you to play streaming from any device, it was shared by the Twitter account @killedbygoogle and it could turn out to be a real bomb.

What the aforementioned account shared are two screenshots, coming from a post on a Facebook group related to Google Stadia and written by a user very close to one of Google’s American regional managers. Apparently, as can be seen from what has been reported, a seminar for employees and salespeople retail in California and Google would set out their plans for close the Stadia project. No details have been provided on the exact date of when this could happen but the part end of the year seems to appear as a plausible window of time.

Is Google Stadia its days numbered?

It is not the first time that rumors have circulated on the net relating to the possible closure of Google Stadia, the service of cloud gaming launched by Google in 2019. After the rumors published by Business Insider about the possible closure of the service, which was followed by a sharp denial by Google, rumors of the kind continued to chase each other and Google, which has never been afraid to close one of its services, has slowly stopped denying these rumors.

The most recent indiscretion on the subject, shared through a Twitter post from the account @killedbygoogleseems to take up some concepts concerning the possible closure of Google Stadia and expressed directly by one of Google’s regional managers, a person who could actually be informed of the facts.

Apparently, Google would have already informed its employees on the decision to permanently close Google Stadia already immediately after the end of the summer. The “definitely“because Google wouldn’t have the slightest intention of give up their resources currently allocated to the cloud gaming not even to third-party services: Google Stadia closes, it is not sold.

The scenario, which certainly will not please those who use Stadia assiduously, will certainly lead Google to have to start refund procedures for users with an active subscription who, again with reference to what is reported, should receive a notice of 30 or 60 days before the actual stop of the service takes place: probably, consequently, the definitive closure of Google Stadia should not take place before heart of next autumn.

Why Google shuts down Stadia

Behind the possible closure of Google Stadia there seems to be, above all, theeconomic aspect: data for the last fiscal quarter of AlphabetGoogle’s parent company, suggest that one of the Mountain View giant’s short-term goals should be eliminate the superfluous. Exactly the same speech that Amazon is doing, that is about to close Amazon Drive.

Google Stadia, which has never revolutionized the sector, probably carving out a much smaller slice of the gamers market than Big G expected, falls right into the category of business sectors less profitable for the company. Also because thetechnical infrastructure what it takes to keep a cloud gaming service up and running is very expensive and it is justified only if the subscribers are many.

The road seems to have been traced and we will see if what is reported in the tweet mentioned above will be confirmed: if the window indicated for closing the service were to be respected, users will soon be notified of the death upcoming Google Stadia.

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Google, another flop: closes a service

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