Have you bought Xbox Series X/S? Here are five settings to adjust right away

The Christmas holidays are now coming to an end and it is very likely that you have found a latest generation Microsoft console under the tree. If you just added an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S to your collection, you might need any advice on what to do in the first moments following the first start-up. So here are some that could help you take your first steps in the company of the gaming machines of the Redmond giant.

Quick access

The first thing to do before unpacking the new console is without a doubt to start the Xbox official application download for smartphones or tablets and then sign in to your Microsoft account (provided you already have one). When you first turn on the Xbox Series X | S you will find yourself faced with a particular one screen with a code composed of letters and numbers on the left side: this sequence must be entered in your app to ensure that the configuration of your profile takes place automatically and that you can start playing in a few moments.

In order to enter the code on your mobile device, you need to start the Xbox application, click on the small console-shaped icon at the top right (next to the notification bell) and select the item useful for setting up a new console. During the procedure you will be asked to access a new wi-fi network: accept, otherwise your smartphone will not be able to communicate with the console and transmit the necessary information in order to configure everything necessary.

Alternatively (perhaps because you don’t have a smartphone or tablet at hand), you can ignore this procedure and enter all the data manually or connect to your profile later (in this case, however, you need to connect the console to the internet ) from any browser, even that of a PC.

To do this, all you need to do is press the Xbox button in the main menu, visit the account tab by scrolling with RB and LB and finally select the item “Add or change”. At this point select “Add new” and instead of entering an email address click on the button “Use another device”.

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In this way, a link accompanied by a code will appear on the screen: visit the link from any device, log in to your Microsoft account and enter the code. If you have followed the steps correctly, your Xbox will magically sign you into your account. This procedure is also valid if you don’t have an account and want to use a PC to speed up the creation process and avoid writing your email address and password using the controller.

Energy saving

Very important in the initial stages of using the Xbox Series X|S is the decision of the energy saving mode to use between the two proposals: Immediate ignition And Energy saving. The first ensures that the console does not turn off but goes into stand-by, so that during the rest phases it can continue to install games and updates as well as allowing for faster ignition. With the Energy Saving there is a lower electricity consumption since the console switches off completely until the next restart, however making this phase slightly slower.

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Regardless of what your choice is in the initial configuration, by visiting the menu Settings->General->Power Mode and Startup you can make various types of changes. Know that in this screen you can also decide whether or not to activate the automatic shutdown (and also after how long to activate it) or whether to enable the function HDMI-CEC via the TV and audio/video device power options menu: by checking this feature, supported televisions will automatically turn on or off with the console without any need to resort to using the remote control.

Video settings

One of the first things to do with the new Xbox Series X | S is to make sure that all video settings are in order and, if you have a panel with 4K support, that the resolution set is the correct one. By opening the Settings app and selecting General->Display and TV options you can access the screen with all the details on configuring the video options: resolution, refresh rate and much more.

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If you have a more common 4K TV with HDMI 2.0 ports, your refresh rate is 60Hzif instead you have a more recent TV with HDMI 2.1 support (and therefore VRR), you can safely select 4K and 120Hz.

If you have recently changed your TV, you can also take advantage of the Calibra TV item, which consists of a series of guided screens through which you can easily change the TV settings to improve color rendering and more. If you don’t know what your TV features are, just click on “4K TV Details” to access a screen with all the information on the functions supported by your panel.


The eye also wants its part and fortunately the Xbox Series X | S main menu can be changed both in terms of aesthetics and structure. To change the wallpaper, press the View button (the small and round one to the left of the central button of the pad) and access the menu dedicated to customization and then choose “My color and background”.

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From this screen you can select the color of the dynamic theme or replace the background with any image present on your USB devices, present among your screenshots or linked to the unlocked Achievements. For those who do not appreciate the “night mode” set by default in the console , you can also make the background of the menus change from black to white by selecting “Theme and motion” and change from dark to light system theme.

If, on the other hand, you want to add items to the Home, you must return to the “Customize” menu by pressing the View key and select “Add more items to Home”: by doing this you will be able to add various entries dedicated to applications, games or groups of games.

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For example, you could create a group of products updated to support Xbox Series X|S (they are distinguished by the X|S icon).

Login with the controller

The last gem we will tell you about in this introductory guide concerns the possibility of assign each controller synced to Xbox Series X|S a profileso that when you simply turn on the pad, you are automatically logged in to its owner’s account.

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If you want to enable this feature, which is very useful if you have multiple controllers (we remind you that Xbox One pads are perfectly compatible with the new consoles) and if there are multiple people using the same console, you must first log in with the ‘account you want to bind to the active controller: at this point enter the Settingsselect the item Accounts then “Login, security and passkey”. On this screen, just click on “This controller logs in” to bind/unbind an account to the active controller.

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Have you bought Xbox Series X/S? Here are five settings to adjust right away

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