Here are the European prices of Galaxy S23

5 days after the official launch of the new smartphone family Samsung Galaxy S23 the leakers are focusing on the prices that future buyers from various countries will have to expect when the new flagships of the Korean manufacturer hit the shelves. The last to try these hypotheses is a German leaker, usually reliable: Roladt Quandtflagship signature of the online magazine and author of the YouTube channel techtechtech.

Samsung Galaxy S23, Spanish prices

After knowing how much the three models that make up the family will cost Samsung Galaxy S23 in North America, this time, finally, thanks to this leaker we know how much they will cost in Europe, to be precise in Spain.

Net of some small increases due to the taxes that each producer must pay in the country where they sell their products, the prices revealed should be those that will also be revealed on February 1 for Italy. According to Roland Quandt, the Spanish prices of the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be as follows:

  • Galaxy S23 8GB/128GB: 959 euros
  • Galaxy S23 8GB / 256GB: 1,019 euros
  • Galaxy S23+ 8GB/256GB: 1,209 euros
  • Galaxy S23+ 8GB / 512GB: 1,329 euros
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra 8GB/256GB: 1,409 euros
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra 12GB/512GB: 1,589 euros

So we will have a price range to choose from between over 900 euros and 1,500 euros, all of them costs higher than the Galaxy S22 series that these smartphones will replace in the Korean company.

It must be remembered that these will (probably) be the official prices, but as usual, Samsung will offer discounts, bundles with its other products e collection and evaluation of the used smartphone.

Galaxy S23 costs more but not too much

If these prices will be confirmed on the day of the launch, and they probably will be, it is natural compare them with those of the series Galaxy S22 launched last year.

Model “smooth” Galaxy S22 in the only configuration with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space was proposed in Italy at 879 euros, 80 euros less of the same model as the Galaxy S23 series.

The Galaxy S22 + with memory cuts identical to the standard S22 arrived in Italy for 1,079 euros. The Galaxy S23 counterpart will not be quite the same, as the minimum version will have a higher storage space, at 256 GB. In this case the price gap widens, with the newcomer arriving at a cost 130 euros morehowever, as mentioned you get double the storage space.

Finally, the now almost ex top of the range Galaxy S22 Ultra, in the 8 GB / 128 GB version, had landed in Italy for 1,279 euros. Also in this case the minimum cut of RAM and storage is different with regard to the new Galaxy S23 which starts from 8 GB/128 GB, but has a higher cost, also in this case of 130 euros.

Ultimately there is not as sharp a price increase as some feared. It should also be remembered that the new Galaxy S23 that will arrive in Europe will for the first time have a third-party SoC (the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2) and not one produced in-house by Samsung such as the Exynos 2200, which obviously caused the prices of the Korean manufacturer’s new smartphone family to rise a little.

Finally, therefore, we can say that even the Samsung Galaxy S23 will cost more due to the general price trend in the smartphone market, but the starting model, i.e. the 8/128 GB Samsung Galaxy S23 will remain a hair under 1,000 euroswhich the iPhone 14 6/128 GB cannot do: in Italy, in fact, the minimum price of an iPhone 14 is 1,029 euros.

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Here are the European prices of Galaxy S23

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