HONOR Magic4 Pro: here are 5 things that make this smartphone truly ” magical ”

When we talked about HONOR in the past, one could not help but consider the fact that the company was the “ young sister ” of Huawei. After the ban of the latter for HONOR it completely detached itself from the Shenzhen company and relaunched itself in the world of smartphones with a new attitude, more overbearing, more complete and above all capable of directing its products to an audience other than just the young one. of a time. Today’s HONOR is a 360-degree HONOR that aims high and it does so with a series of products designed strongly at the table such as its flagship: HONOR Magic4 Pro.

a prestigious smartphone, or as they usually say, a premium smartphone. Yes, because it has all the credentials to compete with the largest in the mobile market by proposing to users for something that others have not wanted to push. And let’s talk clearly about some technical features that we liked and that we would like to list here in a sort of compendium so that you can actually understand that HONOR Magic4 Pro actually a ” magic ” smartphone but also more than ever ” Pro ”.

HONOR Magic4 Pro: 5 things that make it truly ” magical ”

1. 4-sided curved OLED display, 120Hz refresh and 1000 nit brightness

HONOR Magic4 Pro it is distinguished from all other smartphones by the presence of a 4-sided curved display. A novelty introduced by Huawei and that HONOR decides to propose again to make the smartphone more scenic but also more ergonomic in use. a very high quality panel of type 6.81 inch LTPO OLED and with the characteristic of being able to reach one maximum brightness of even 1,000 nits. As is fashionable now he can afford to push himself up to 120Hz refresh rate starting from 1Hz. This means that the refresh rate of the display is adaptive based on the proposed content while keeping energy consumption low.

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If that wasn’t enough you also know that you can viewup to 1.07 billion colorsalso supporting 100% DCI-P3, theHDR10 + in addition toautomatic and real-time conversion from SDR to HDR. Moreoverc pulse width modulation (PWM) of 1920Hz, the highest PWM ever achieved in an LTPO display. This guarantees a minimum of eye fatigue, especially in low-light environments. And let’s not forget thesensor for fingerprint recognitionbelow the display because of typeultrasonic: it works very well, protects just as well and also very fast in recognition.

2. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor for maximum power

HONOR Magic4 Pro can go further thanks to a processor that is the most powerful on the smartphone market today. We speak clearly of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 which makes it clear which path the company wants to take with its flagship. We know the chipset well and we know it technically offers tangible performance increases both in terms of CPU and GPU. There are eight cores that work in a distinct and precise way coordinated by an algorithm optimized by HONOR allowing to reach the 20% more pure performance and the 30% more energy efficiency compared to the past generation.

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The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 not only does it allow all this but also guarantees the use of the ultra-fast 5G network. in fact, the modem is present Snapdragon X65 5G that is the most advanced modem in terms of data transfer speed in download with values ​​close to 10 Gigabit. There is the Wi-Fi 6E for very high performance and more 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM and storage from 256GB of UFS 3.1 type. In short, HONOR Magic4 Pro outlines a first-class technical sheet which lacks nothing and above all a technical sheet that allows you to make to work with multiple applications simultaneously, di play with games also of relief graphically speaking (such as Diablo Immortal) and more of to entertain the user with high-definition movies or TV series, especially when on the move.

3. Triple camera with record-breaking Ultra Fusion technology

HONOR Magic4 Pro a real cameraphone. Its photographic sector is undoubtedly the flagship that justifies the price above 1,000 where few other brands appear with condescending results for the end user. Huge structure at the rear with4 sensorsdifferent able to make it clear immediately what the true focus of this smartphone. In detail there is the sensorSony IMX766 50MPhow principal (target from 1 / 1.56 inch And 1.0 m with f / 1.8). For the camera with3.5x periscope zoomHONOR Magic4 Pro uses an OIS stabilized unit instead64 MPwith 1 / 2.0 “, f / 3.5 and 0.7 m sensor.The ultrawide camera instead equipped with another sensor from 50 MPbut considerably smaller than the main one (1 / 2.5 “) which is this time combined with an f / 2.2 aperture and a 122-degree field of view lens. additional sensors.

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There is a dToF sensorfor mapping the depth of the scene and forlaser autofocusin low light conditions. Aanti-flicker sensorwhich also helps to adjust the shutter speed to eliminate screen flicker during video recording.dual camera for selfieswho sees a12MP ultrawide sensor(f / 2.4, 1.22m) which is assisted by a3D ToF sensorused to have depth information and an advanced face unlock. The hardware of HONOR Magic4 Pro works with software optimizations and calculation algorithms of the highest order. Perhaps the most notable is the so-calledFusion Photography. Depending on the chosen focal length, the system will extract information from more than one camera. This improves dynamic range, sharpness and detail.The results? They are truly magical and you can observe them directly in the our review of HONOR Magic4 Pro or even in ours in-depth study on cameras of the smartphone and that you can find directly on this page.

4. Iconic and symbolic design with exemplary construction

HONOR Magic4 Pro does not go unnoticed. The company wanted to change the cards on the table compared to HONOR 50 and proposed here highly premium quality material with a curved display on all four sides and still marked lines capable of making it different from others but above all of impact for users. . To be the host for therelarge (huge) structure of the photographic compartment at the rearwhich certainly characterizes the entire product but which somehow fully integrated with the entire design of the smartphone thanks to its circular shape and a thickness that is not at all exaggerated. And HONOR called him for that “The Eye of The Muse”also emphasizing the perfectly symmetrical system in the design of this device.

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The weight of 215 gramsjust as the dimensions are of an important smartphone and make HONOR Magic4 Pro not only durable and robustbut perfect for those who use it every day. There is one polished aluminum framethat runs along the entire body of the smartphone becoming almost imperceptible on the long sides thanks to the double curvature of the display and the back cover, elegant but also flashy both in color Cyan than in the more classic one Black. And let’s not forget that even though the engineers have thought about design and ergonomics, with HONOR Magic4 Pro don’t forget to put one IP68 certificationand this means being able to completely immerse the device in water or not have problems with dust.

5. Charging at full speed with 100W anywhere

undoubtedly a point of fundamental importance for all that of the battery of a smartphone and consequently of autonomy. HONOR Magic4 Pro in addition to being a premium design smartphone, powerful with the latest chipset of the moment, with an excellent photographic sector and with a record-breaking screen, also the smartphone to beat in fast charging. Yes, because his SuperCharge at 100Wallows a total recharge to 100%, both with the cable and with the wireless base, injust over 30 minutes.

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Here’s that specifically HONOR Magic4 Pro takes only 15 minutesto reach 50% from the state of complete discharge and just over 30 minutes to complete the recharge in a total way.Furthermore, the record equipment to be considered also for the possibility of recharging up to100W in wireless mode. The base made ad hoc by the company guarantees to support the smartphone and to be able to achieve the same charging times as the wired one by cutting for each type of bond precisely because of the cable. And let’s not forget that HONOR has always aimed high in this field and now with HONOR Magic4 Protried to reach the maximum by proposing in addition to super fast charging also one portentous battery from 4,600 mAh that guarantees to arrive in the evening without limitations of energy saving.

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HONOR Magic4 Pro: here are 5 things that make this smartphone truly ” magical ”

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