How to choose the right bag for you: 6 tips to avoid mistakes!

Surely you have an infinite number of them and every time you bought one you did it only for an aesthetic attraction. Below we have put you six little tips to choose the best bag for you!

How to choose the right bag for you: 6 tips to avoid mistakes!

Someone said bag? Oh yes, this accessory is the must-have element of any woman. When choosing a new bag we often tend to give priority to the aesthetic side without however considering many other factors that concern the choice of the bag more suitable for you. For this reason, today we have decided to give you some small but precious ones Advice that you can rely on to choose your new one bag!

Choosing the right bag has never been easier! 6 precious rules to rely on

It is the undisputed queen, the accessory feminine par excellence that none of us can give up. There are those who collect an infinite number of them and those who are willing to make crazy purchases to have a luxury one. Oh yes, you understood exactly what we are talking about: bags of course! But, bags passion aside, you’re sure you know the ways to choose the right bag for you? If you don’t know much about it, don’t worry, with these five practical tips you won’t be able to go wrong and choose the right one bag perfect for you it will become child’s play! Ready to find out what are all the tips we have put for you below? Follow us!

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Choose a bag that is able to tell who you are and that can express your personality

If you have arrived here it is because surely you too have asked yourself the question “but am I really capable of choose the most suitable bag to me?” Well if this is your doubt, we’ll help you figure out what it could be template which is most suitable for you. Let’s first start by saying that it’s yours bag, and therefore must somehow tell something about you! Maybe look for one bag model who is able to express yours personalityof your way of life, in short, something that can really represent you.

It’s all about balance, mind the size!

small bag

We know, often, when you see one you are so enchanted that it is difficult to use reason! But one thing is really important: first choose which one bag buy, always remember one super fundamental factor: balance. Oh yes miss, the balance! Because the size and shape of the bag they must also be in harmony with your silhouette, so that it is able to enhance your shapes and strengths. For example: if you are not a particularly tall woman, perhaps it would be better to let go of the shoppers gigantic. On the contrary, if you are one of those Junoesque and very tall ones, the micro bags could create an imbalance.

Choose the bag also according to your body shapes!

shoulder bag

Same thing goes for the shape of your bag. Indeed it is essential that the form from the bag is opposite to that of your body. Indeed, if you are not too tall and present a silohuette soft, it would be the case to prefer bags with shapes that develop in height. Unlike for very tall women, if you boast quite a few centimeters more than the average, a bag with a rounded shape could be the one that’s right for you.

What do you want to highlight? Be careful how you wear it!

Did you already know that depending on where you usually take the bag Does this highlight that specific body part? Next time you go out try to notice where you tend to carry your purse! For example, shoulder bags accentuate the bust and are therefore, if you don’t want to emphasize the cleavage prosperous it would be preferable to opt for a shoulder strap. If, on the other hand, you love the clutch bag And clutchthe focus is invariably drawn to the hand, so don’t forget to apply the nail polish!

Don’t forget to choose a comfortable and safe bag


Another fundamental point is to choose one bag that is comfortable and that fits precisely to your needs. The bag must be comfortable and safe! Are you always in a hurry between your kids school, office and supermarket? Then trust one bag that closes easily and that you don’t always fear that you have left it open. Furthermore, if you are one of those who cannot give up anything, it is useless to buy a bag too miniotherwise are you ready to carry your smartphone in your hand all day?

Every occasion has its right bag, always choose the most appropriate one

work bag

Impossible to think of adapting only one bag to any kind of situation! Remember that the bag it tells you and so you always have to be super appropriate depending on the occasion you are in. Ceremonies and formal events require one small bag to carry by hand, or on the shoulder if it has a very thin chain ed elegant. If, on the other hand, you have to present yourself for an interview work you can opt for a bag of medium size let it be practical! Needless to deny it, the bag it is always a valid business card!

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How to choose the right bag for you: 6 tips to avoid mistakes!

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