How to hide WhatsApp chats? The directions to follow

WhatsApp is linked to many and important functions. In this case we will shed some light on how to hide important app chats. Let’s see together all the steps to consider.

Whatsapp is one of the most known and used apps in the world. This system has entered in small steps in the general interest. Becoming, in fact, a real point of reference. The many functions implemented over time accompany this growth path. One is the ability to hide important chats.

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Over time, WhatsApp has had a very important and interesting development. The development team has fielded more and more news. Bringing the user to a completely new experience with every single update. For this reason, the numbers have grown more and more and today the app is a leader in its sector.

The features and tools of the app are really a lot. A few days ago we shed some light on how hide the number on WhatsApp. On this occasion, we will give clear directions on how to hide important chats. One way to maintain even more confidentiality. This scenario can be put into practice thanks to a few simple steps. Let’s see everything together in detail.

WhatsApp, how to hide chats? All the steps

The motivation that pushes users to want to hide chats is given by the reason to preserve theirs privacy. It can happen on any occasion to leave the phone unattended and, in that moment, you can leave the conversation to the eyes of others. In support of this discourse comes the possibility of being able to hide conversations.

The particular function is very little used. This is because, for most users, the feature is not known. Hiding the chat can give users the ability to retrieve it when they need it. To be able to perform this function just click on “archive chat“. The next moment, the chosen conversation will disappear from our home and will be moved to the archive.

Once placed in the archive, the user can simply retrieve it so as to start a new conversation. Until any new movements, the chat will no longer be visible in the main home. In case you want to bring it back to home, just click on “chat“And then on those archived. This way you will have the conversation available again along with the others.

In short, what has been reported is certainly another function that can be very useful to users. This, however, is not the only function to watch out for. WhatsApp, in fact, has several functions. In some cases you can do it “secretly”. Therefore, WhatsApp makes us understand why it is a leader in its sector. The ability to amaze is always very high.

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How to hide WhatsApp chats? The directions to follow

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