HTC: Vive XR Elite VR headset officially announced, with price and features

HTC has announced officially the viewer Vive XR Elite whose characteristics and price have proved to be in line with those of the leaks of the last few hours. After all, it was inevitable that this was the case, given that they came from CES 2023 itself.

So we have a viewer autonomouswhich does not require being connected to a PC to work, designed to compete with the Meta Quest Pro which combines virtual and mixed reality.

The features of the Vive XR Elite they speak of 12GB of RAM, a refresh rate of 90Hz and a battery life of two hours on a single charge. Just like the Meta Quest Pro ones. It also offers the same connectivity options: Wi-FI 6E, Bluetooth 5.2 and a USB-C socket to connect it to the PC. The only difference is in the data storage space, with the HTC viewer having only 128GB against the 256 of the direct competitor.

The XR Elite also includes two open-ear speakers for audio, four wide FOV cameras, a depth sensor, hand detection sensor, and capacitive sensing. Using it with the PC it is also possible to detach the battery turning it into a pair of glasses. If you want, you can also use power banks to power it.

With the battery, the Vive XR Elite weighs 625 grams, against the 722 grams of the Meta Quest Pro. The resolution is slightly higher, i.e. it is 1920×1920 per eye, with the 1800×1920 of the Meta solution.

Talking about pricethe Vive XR Elite will cost $1,099, versus $1,500 for the Meta Quest Pro. This is probably its biggest advantage.

Original news:
Soon HTC will officially unveil a new VR headset that will compete in the same market segment as the Meta Quest Pro. Meanwhile, a leak revealed in advance the possible price and the first pictures of the viewer, which apparently will be called Vive XR Elite.

The information comes from a South Korean retailer who erroneously priced the headset ahead of time. Vive XR Elite price converted to dollars is approx $1,430, therefore almost 100 dollars less than the direct competitor Meta Quest Pro. The first images of the viewer have also popped up, which confirm the veracity of the tip, since they correspond to the teaser shared by HTC last month. According to Brad Lynch, the viewer will apparently have a resolution of 1920 x 1920 per eye and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

The first details on HTC’s new viewer had been revealed exclusively by The Verge and spoke of a headset that could compete like Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro. The price would seem to suggest that it is a competitor of the second, therefore.

For the moment, we know that the headset can be used for gaming, entertainment, exercise and even in some scenarios where a lot of power is requested, with productivity and business tools. There is a depth sensor and front cameras that record images of the outside, so high quality that it will be possible to easily read the texts of a smartphone or tablet, at least according to Shen Ye, head of HTC. The battery life will be two hours and the viewer will be completely autonomous and will support hand tracking.

In any case, we won’t have to wait long for all the details, given that the presentation of the new HTC viewer is scheduled for tomorrow, January 6, at CES 2023.

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HTC: Vive XR Elite VR headset officially announced, with price and features

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