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An excellent camera compartment, a battery for almost two days of use and top-of-the-range performance. A lot was expected from Huawei with this Mate 50 Pro and so much has actually come. What about Google services? No, there aren’t any, but the Huawei ecosystem goes further and further and has taken important steps ..

Packaging and content

There packaging It is complete with a 66W power supply and cover, which is not at all obvious, in addition to the USB-A to USB-C cable.

Design and touch-and-feel materials

THE materials used for the construction of this Mate 50 Pro are glass And metal, so definitely premium, the only problem is that having the back with curved edges and the display with curved edges, the thickness of the frame seen from the side is reduced a lot and the grip is lost making it a phone quite slippery.In any case, the weight of the Mate 50 Pro is equal to 208 grams and thickness a 8.5mm.

L’always-on display there is while regarding the connectivity we find: 4G, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC which works with the Huawei wallet but no Google Pay and Android Auto. The video signal also comes out of the USB-C port and there is the desktop interface.


The display it’s a OLED from 6.74 ″ with pixel density of 428 PPI, refresh rate a 120Hz and Kunlun Glass for protection. It is a good OLED panel, with the typical, excellent, colors and absolute blacks, as well as excellent are the viewing angles. The brightness is not record-breaking but it is always seen well and has no defects such as the drag effect when set to minimum.

Processor and memory

The processor it is Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 at 4 nm but without 5G (for the ban) with 8GB from RAM And 256 / 512GB from expandable internal memory but through a nano memory card and not the classic microSD.


There battery it’s a 4,700mAh, 23.5Wh, with wired charging a 66W and wireless a 50W, with the reverse wireless one also a 5W.The absence of 5G and Google services here turns into a great merit because Mate 50 Pro is in fact a battery-phone, coming to the end of my usual stressful day with still the 35-40%.

Software and ecosystem

The basic system is always Android with the interface ofEMUI 13 here, in China, there is HarmonyOS, and the updates of Huawei Mobile Services, instead of Google services, are quite frequent, now we are at patch from October.Huawei has done a great deal of work and efforts to make up for the lack of Google services and the results are visible. Petal Maps works well, as well as Petal Search for searching the various apps and even those for eBooks and music are quite complete.

Telephone department

Ok phone department, good for reception And audio quality, there is also the dual-SIM (giving up memory expansion) but less good for the dialer, which does not report possible SPAM numbers and does not allow calls to be recorded.

Photo and video

The room compartment, very interesting, it consists of:

  • room principal from 50MP with variable mechanical aperture from f / 1.4 to f / 4.0 (the steps are 10) and with optical stabilization, the image engine is XD Fusion Pro and is designed to make the most of it,
  • room ultrawide from 13MP f / 2.2 with 120 ° field of view,
  • telephoto lens from 64MP f / 3.5 with 3.5X optical zoom and optical stabilization,
  • 13MP front camera with f / 2.4 aperture.

The shots are great, from cameraphone, and the peculiarity of the variable aperture can prove useful, I liked it even in low light and in the zoom. Perhaps a little less top the videos, where, however, you can switch from one camera to another even while recording in 4K at 60FPS and this is a rarity.


Great audio, stereo and well balanced with full-bodied and above average bass, which however do not make the body vibrate, which would have been annoying.

Apps and gaming

The performance they are top of the range, there is not much more to add, smooth and fast. The vibration feedback it is excellent, precise even a few letters every now and then he lost it by writing quickly.

Final judgement

The price from 1,199 euros he is definitely tall even if in line with the other tops, he has a great camera and a super battery. During a week of use in one way or another I managed to do everything even without Google services. Maybe I missed 5G when I used it as a modem. An excellent device, just a little too slippery, which probably, to have more appeal, had to cost less.

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Huawei Mate 50 Pro Review – Andrea Galeazzi

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