HUAWEI Watch D arrives in Italy: the first smartwatch that measures blood pressure

The first smartwatch capable of accurately measuring blood pressure HUAWEI Watch D. It will also be available in Italy since it has received medical certification and will therefore be the first Huawei wrist device dedicated to complete parameter management and analysis, made possible by an important hardware-level implementation.


HUAWEI Watch Q: How does the measurement work?

HUAWEI Watch D makes monitoring of health parameters convenient to its users and allows the measurement of ECG and blood pressure anywhere and in real time right from your wrist. The smartwatch above all light, with a weight of only 40.9 g. In addition to the health monitoring functions, the new device also offers various training mode for those who do not want to abandon the sport.


The innovative technology makes it possible HUAWEI Watch D uses a mini pump which electrically inflates an air chamber to put pressure on the arteries of the wrist and which accurately measures blood pressure. A choice for those consumers who need a daily ally in health care. In fact, we know when hypertension is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world, with billions of people requiring careful monitoring of blood pressure and long-term medications to keep the body under control. hUAWEI Watch D therefore makes the measurement of the main parameters of blood pressure and heart activity fast and accurate.

Correct adjustment of the strap and correct wrist position are essential for accurate blood pressure measurement using a smartwatch. Thanks to the high-resolution pressure sensor, low-intensity airflow and pressure feedback regulation circuit of HUAWEI Watch D, the accurate pressure measurement system can maintain a margin of error within 3 mmHgthus able to provide users with clear and reliable data.


In addition to this, the new watch was also designed for the heart rate measurement. in fact, there is a high-performance ECG sensor module that supports the recording of related data with consequent generation of graphs and reports capable of detecting atrial fibrillation and sinus rhythm. In addition to these two important parameters clear that the smartwatch also allows the scientific sleep trackingmonitoring SpO2 blood oxygenation constantly throughout the day, the detection of skin temperaturethe monitoring of stress and much more, and equipped with more 70 training modes. In combination with the smart mode, it guarantees a long lasting battery up to 7 daysallowing users to wear it and enjoy all its features without having to recharge it frequently.

HUAWEI Watch D: price and availability

HUAWEI Watch D available in Italy at the price of 399.90 euros with free HUAWEI Scale 3 scale and 50 off your purchase until November 30th.

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HUAWEI Watch D arrives in Italy: the first smartwatch that measures blood pressure

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