Huggy Wuggy, the postal police raises the alarm for the blue puppet: “Content dangerous for children” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Attention! The Huggy Wuggy puppet your children play with is dangerous. The alarm comes from police post and it’s about the cute horror friend, all blue with red lips and sharp teeth. Freshly created and inspired by the video game Poppy Playtime for kids aged 13 and up, it no longer has to fall into the hands of the little ones. The reason? Generates anxiety and terror in children. The alert comes lightning fast later a study conducted for preventive purposes by the psychologists of the Cybercrime Analysis Unit. And she has already managed to unleash, in addition to that of the children who play with it, even the fear of parents. The mobilization of mothers and fathers to the sound of posts on social media, starting from Great Britain, has reached everywhere. Even here with us.

Here is what the director of the Italian postal police Ivano Gabrielli declares: “There are no criminal preventive needs but by studying videos and online activities we deemed it appropriate to issue a prudential alert to make families aware of what it is dangerous content for children under thirteen“. And then specifies: “Several clinical specialists and the British police themselves have highlighted the need to raise awareness and the Postal Police has given its contribution.” Care is needed, experts are pressing fervently: the puppet can make children ‘fear of the dark unmanageable. When did the concern arise? After Huggy Wuggy “left” the game screen, so to speak, and became part of the videos of comments and descriptions of the youtubers most followed by children.

Is Huggy Wuggy, with the posable body, mean look and rows of sharp teeth, laughing? Displayed on the windows of toy shops, perhaps he is happy to become even more popular. Although his name evokes hugs, the puppet is certainly not a friend. In the video game, dated 2021, he is the antagonist, the guardian of a toy factory. To win, the player must solve riddles and tests. And at some point she meets him. The sentence of the song that marks his entrance? “Sharp teeth leave you bleeding. Never call me ugly. Hug me until you die ”. With these premises it is clear why the video game is intended for an audience of over 13, but the boundary between the various platforms is difficult to delineate. Now that the stuffed animal is the king of numerous videos on Youtube and TikTok, accessible to the little ones, the matter becomes complicated. Lots of youtubers, who are the idols of children, starting with “Me against You”, Despite the age limitations, from 13 and up, they show the pictures. Making a mockery of parental controls.

“Underlining the danger to the little ones of Huggy Wuggy – Gabrielli points out – is also an opportunity to raise parents’ awareness of the content that their children generally watch on the Net: you have to navigate with them, educate them to navigate consciously and provide them with the right tools to orient themselves and understand that world “. However, it is difficult for mothers and fathers who work and manage everything, from school to sports and recreational activities, to place themselves next to their children while they are surfing, after having activated all the control formulas.

This story immediately brings to mind another one. It happened a few years ago. Back then on cell phones, children and teenagers bounced a meme with disturbing features. It was that of Momo, the image of a woman with black hair, a malevolent grin and bulging eyes. Below her was her plea not to contact her. A challenge with the fear imposed on children already at the moment of the vision. Allegedly taken without permission from a photograph posted on Instagram by a Japanese girl, it went viral. But, above all, viral was the fear she sowed by inducing parents to host their children terrified at night in the Latvian. Then it turned out that the photo represents the upper part of a statue that exhibited in 2016 at the Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo during an exhibition on the theme of ghosts. The author? Keisuke Aizawa, Japanese artist belonging to Link Factory, a company specializing in horror / fantasy special effects.

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Huggy Wuggy, the postal police raises the alarm for the blue puppet: “Content dangerous for children” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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