I have. mobile: 100 Giga, unlimited minutes and text messages for € 5.99 per month

From 23 September 2022, subject to any changes, I have. Mobile will launch the new rechargeable mobile offer operator attack a € 5.99 per month which includes unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages and 100 Giga of data bundles.

The new mobile offer I have. 5.99 100GB to € 5.99 per month will be available online (here is the direct link) and in physical stores until further notice.

I have. 5.99 100GB to € 5.99 per month provides unlimited minutes to all national mobile and fixed network numbers, unlimited SMS to all national numbers and 100 Giga of mobile internet traffic in 4G (Vodafone network) with speeds up to 30 Mbps in both download and upload. There is no activation fee.

The offer I have. 5.99 100GB can be activated by all new customers I have. who come from Iliad, Fastweb, PosteMobile, CoopVoce, Daily Telecom, Digi Mobil, CMLink Italy, Foll-In, Green Telecomunicazioni, Elimobile (Elite Mobile), Lycamobile, MUND_GSM, NTMobile, NV mobile, Noitel, Optima, Ovunque, Plintron, Rabona Mobile, Tiscali, 1Mobile, Vianova (Welcome Italia), BT Italia, Withu, Enegan, Spusu Italia, Wings Mobile Italia, Feder Mobile or Italia Power.

It is specified that the portability of the number must be completed within 15 days from the activation of the SIM, to remain with the offer at 5.99 euros per month indefinitely.

I have. Mobile is a brand of VEI, a company wholly owned by Vodafone Italia. Currently, the operator is only active on the rechargeable consumer mobile phone market, using the Vodafone Italia network technology in 2G and 4G. Technology is also foreseen Times in compatible terminals for the operator.

If the new client I have. Mobile buy the sim online there is no activation fee for the new rechargeable sim.

If you buy the SIM at a physical store, the price may vary at the retailer’s discretion (the standard cost is € 0.99 except for promotions).

The offers I have. Mobile they are automatically renewed every effective month, with a charge on the remaining credit. If the latter is insufficient at the time of renewal of the offer, the customer will have the credit in negative. In order to use the offer it will be necessary to top up and return the credit greater than zero.

The customer I have. Mobile can also activate the auto recharge service by choosing an automatic payment method for the renewal of the offer.

Any unlimited minutes and SMS can be used in compliance with the principles of good faith and fairness. If, on the other hand, the customer exceeds the data traffic included every month, surfing the internet it locks automatically at no additional cost.

Through the official app I have. mobilewith some tariff offers you can use the service You leaveanticipating the renewal when the residual data traffic has dropped under 5 Giga. The You leave it is not available in the 3 hours prior to the renewal of your offer.

In offers over 100 Giga per month currently on the market the service is not provided You leave. The service is provided in the 100 Giga offers You leave only once a month, subject to change.

In the countries of the European Union, in compliance with the Regulation Roaming Like at Home, you can use all the minutes and SMS included in the offers at no additional cost. Data traffic is different, to which limits are imposed that vary according to the offer subscribed (it depends on the current formula envisaged in the regulation).

In all offers of the virtual operator I have. Mobile ancillary services are included SMS I have. called, hotspot navigation, 42121 for remaining credit, call waiting and call forwarding. MMS and Voicemail services are not provided.

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Update 23 September 2022: All confirmed.

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I have. mobile: 100 Giga, unlimited minutes and text messages for € 5.99 per month

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