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This time with the Honda twin. Before getting on it, I don’t know anything about this model: I discover a bike that is easy, fun, beautiful to ride, perfect for touring, but also for going fast in corners. The DCT gearbox is simply fantastic: 100 and praise

September 9, 2022

#ioalgpvadoinmoto this time in Zeltweg, al Austrian GPthis time with a Honda NT1100. Until I see the bike, I don’t even know what model it is: I find out at the dealer Honda Tottene of Bassano del Grappa. A shop, a workshop, a meeting point for fans of the area: if you are from those parts, you certainly know it. If, on the other hand, you pass by by chance and you want to see some beautiful bikes, not just Honda, not just new, it is worth going to via tre Ponti 7, in Bassano del Grappa. You will not be disappointed.

It is Remo Tottene who gives me “my” NT1100 and explains how it is equipped with the twin-cylinder of the Africa Twin (which I had already tried, but in the 1000 cc version) and to show me in detail the equipment of the bike that I will use for a couple of weeks.

First sensation: typical Honda

THEThe first trip is about thirty kilometers between Bassano del Grappa and Valdobbiadene, making a few laps in the Asolo hills with my son Leonardo, 10 years old. At the start my motorcyclist brain pulls the clutch lever, but the lever is not there, because the bike is equipped with the DCT gearbox. I admit it, in the first few seconds you remain astonished, displaced, you don’t know what to do. Once in motion, it takes very little to understand that it is a “real” Honda: the riding position is natural, the controls are all placed correctly, the feeling is that of having always ridden this bike. It does not happen with all the houses.

A few laps in the Prosecco Hills

P.before leaving for Austria, I have the bike available for a few laps: my daughter Margherita, 15, has no doubts: “Of all the ones you have used, this is the bike much more comfortable for the passenger“. The portion of the saddle for rider and passenger is wide and made in the right way: Margherita is right. From Valdobbiadene we go up to Pianezze, at 1000 meters, going for a walk with the change in automatic mode: it is a great way to be tourists, enjoy the landscape, without thinking about anything else. Enjoyable.

We leave for Austria

M.On Wednesday 17 August, around 9:30 am, I leave for Austria. As always, I don’t have a precise idea on which road I will take, I make a rough itinerary that includes: Valdobbiadene, San Baldo pass, San Candido (passing through Pieve di Cadore), Tamsweg, Zeltweg. The goal is to be in Zeltweg on Thursday in the late morning, so I have plenty of time.

The bike is a concentrate of technology: the DCT gearbox with double clutch, the super digital dashboard raise the level of this touring car badly (beautifully…). The idea is to always travel with the gearbox in automatic mode. You can choose between: “D”, totally unusable for me, in 50 meters you are already in sixth gear; “S” with three possibilities: “S1”, “S2”, “S3”. The S3 is not good for me, initially I am undecided between S2 and S1, which in the end is the one I use. You can easily switch between one modality and the other: good.

Up to the border with Austria, the road is very busy, with even long queues of cars in some countries. A positive aspect emerges: the twin does not heat up that much. Nice value, with the temperatures of those days. Then, once in Austria, the road finally clears, I take some good steps and in one I have to deal with two French “motards”, one with a Yamaha and one with a Ducati. I attack, I do not want to be detached, I leave the S1 mode, we are downhill. I keep their wake, making big folds (at least for my level) with the NT1100 that showcases a wonderful chassis, with excellent braking. I enjoy it a lot, I am amazed at the speed of the gearbox, both in shifting and downshifting. Marvelous. Around 5:30 pm, without even realizing it, I’m already in Zeltweg. The adjective suitable for this bike (as probably for all Honda) is: easy. And I add: hilarious.

We return to Italy

THEThe Austrian GP is won by Bagnaia in MotoGP, Ogura in Moto2 and Sasaki in Moto3. Monday 22 August I return to Italy: the goal is to arrive in Valdobbiadene by 1730, because at 18 there is the live broadcast of “After GP”, the analysis of Moto.it with Nico Cereghini and the engineer Giulio Bernardelle dedicated to the world championship .

On the way I did “well” 10 km of motorway, for the return I would like to avoid those too. As always, I don’t make an itinerary that is too accurate: I just want to pass through the Passo di Monte Croce Carnico. I take a little rain – very little, eh, due to my habits -, I change the map, putting the “rain” one (actually it is not so intuitive to switch from one map to another, in this I tried motorcycles from the most immediate electronic adjustment), I raise all the front plexiglass. The adjustment system is excellent, but on a bike like this I think it would be appropriate to put the electric drive. What could it cost, 200 euros more? For me it would be worth it.

On my return I decide to use the gearbox in manual mode: fantastic exactly like the automatic or semi-automatic one (which is the mode I use the most). I must say that changing gear with the two levers on the left handlebar is really nice and comfortable. Exchange rate: 100 and praise.

When I cross the border, I just think about going towards Valdobbiadene as quickly as possible, but, by chance, I see the sign: “Passo Zoncolan”, one of the mythical climbs of the Giro d’Italia. I can’t resist, I watch him see it from life, after so many times on television. It is a pleasure to climb, there is an air of enterprise from the Giro d’Italia, my NT110 can be driven with two fingers, even in the tightest hairpin bendswhich aren’t exactly my strong point.

A note: the bags are fantastic, among the best ever, for size, capacity and ease of assembly / disassembly. Arrival at the top of the Zoncolan, the descent towards Pieve di Cadore, passing through Sappada, is very narrow and at each bend there is a portrait of a great cyclist. From goosebumps. I enjoy the Dolomites, the road widens, it goes faster and bends a lot: what a taste. I’m a bit late for “After GP”, I just stop for petrol – by the way: in these streets, with a liter it takes about 20 km -, but when I pass Belluno I decide that it is not enough for me yet, I want to take a last step, I go up towards the Nevegal. By now I have about thirty kilometers to go, I am in time for AfterGP. Honda NT1100: a concentrate of technology, for MotoGP styling

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#ioalgpvadoinmoto. Honda NT1100: A concentrate of technology, for MotoGP styling – News – Moto.it

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