iOS 16: here are the best applications that support Widgets in Lockscreen

iOS 16 has arrived and in these first hours users are messing around a lot, especially with the new Lock Screen.

One of the many new features is the ability to add some widgets, both above and below the clock and in this article we want to review the main applications that have already been updated to offer such widgets.

Widgets in Lockscreen are very convenient and they will be even more so with the iPhone 14 Pro because they will be visible even when the screen is off and will allow you to have different information at a glance, without even having to light up the screen. Then download the applications that are right for you.

The list is continually updated, more apps will be added over time. If you want to report some that you find very useful, you can do it in the comments.

We couldn’t help but start from our application. iSpace allows you to view a widget with the title of the latest news published on the blog on the lock screen. With a tap you will open the app to read the entire article. This way you will always be up to date on the latest Apple news. PS. The update is available that fixes a problem with our widget that previously could not appear in the list on some iPhones. Run to download it!

Launchify image

The app Launcher which allows you to add any application icon to the Lockscreen for quick and immediate access.

Image of Home Widget for HomeKit

Home Widget for HomeKit


Very interesting application that allows you to add lockscreen widget of our home automation devices. We can then turn on a light with a tap directly from the Lockscreen and much more. I love it!

Picture of Lock Screen Shortcuts ・ LockFlow

Lock Screen Shortcuts ・ LockFlow


Another application that I love is LockFlow which adds another function that Apple has not thought of, that is to equip the application with Widget Quick Commands in Lockscreen. Well LockFlow does just that and will allow us to execute quick commands directly from the unlock screen.

Widgetsmith image

Widgetsmith allows you to create and configure the widget you want with a wide choice of actions.

Flighty image

The application offers many interesting widgets that allow us to monitor flights, including a progress bar that will let us know when the flight has departed and when it has landed.

Image from Apollo for Reddit

The application allows you to read Reddit from your iPhone and widgets can keep track of a certain published topic and provide us with direct access.

Image of Dark Noise

It is an app that allows you to play sounds to fall asleep, relax and so on. The lockscreen widget allows you to start these sounds with a single touch, directly from the home screen.

Image of NapBot

The app that monitors sleep, now allows you to view the statistics of the last nap directly on the lockscreen with a dedicated widget.

Image of CardioBot

Very useful as an application, it allows us to view our constantly updated heart rate via a Widget in Lockscreen.

Parcel image

Great nice application that allows you to track packages and deliveries (also integrates with Amazon). Now in lockscreen we will be able to view the status of shipments with widgets.

Facebook image

Widgets can show today’s birthdays or major updates. Very nice widgets for birthdays (there are 2).

Things 3 image

Application in which you can write down all the to-dos, similar to Reminders but with many functions. The Widgets in the lockscreen show the tasks that we have yet to complete or a circle with a progress bar that indicates how many things we have done compared to those we have to do in the day.

Image of WaterMinder

It is an app that reminds you to drink and with the Widgets in Lockscreen we will actually be able to see how much we have drunk or how much is missing from the daily goal.

Image of Calendar by Fantastical

Calendar by Fantastical


Several Widgets for the Fantastical calendar (widely used by many users compared to the default one).

Google image

The Google app can show several widgets in lockscreen including a search engine bar. Actually all Google apps will have widgets now, we talked about it in this article. They will be released very soon.

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iOS 16: here are the best applications that support Widgets in Lockscreen

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