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The Japanese brand has started introducing 2023 models and is doing so in multiple markets with different timelines. Meanwhile, let’s see the Ninja ZX-10R, Z900RS and W800

August 5, 2022

C.apita that in the height of summer some brands begin to reveal the colors of the following year’s models. In Europe I happen a lot less, but it is almost a practice in the United States.

Kawasaki has already started showing 2023 versions of those existing models which in fact remain unchanged in aesthetics and in the technical base: these are usually updates regarding the colors.

No.he uses the Kawasaki branch has already listed the 2023 models of the Z900RS and of Z900RS Cafe. The updates concern only the colors offered, while there are no variations in the in-line four-cylinder engine of 948 cc (and 111 horsepower delivered at 8,500 rpm), as well as in the chassis construction that is always strong in the derivation from the naked Z900. more sporty in appearance.

Lto Z900RS 2023, in the United States, is available in the new two-tone color Metallic Diablo Black / Metallic Imperial Red at the base price of 11,949 dollars (excluding other variable costs) or about 11,750 euros.

The Z900RS Cafe 2023 version, which changes in the sportier riding position and in the presence of the small retro fairing as well as the raised rear seat, is available in the single Metallic Diablo Black color for 12,399 dollars, about 12,200 euros.
On the other hand, the appearance of the set-up does not change Z900RS SEnew in the 2022 range.

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THEn Japan Kawasaki has instead announced the new colors for the W800 series which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the W1, the first Kawasaki four-stroke motorcycle inspired by the English bikes that were the most popular at the time, and in particular the BSA A-10.
The version W800 standard will be on sale from 10 August at the equivalent price of 8,750 euros, while the version W800 Street and W800 Cafe will be in Japanese dealerships starting from 15 September. In this case, the prices will be 8,270 and 9,070 euros respectively.

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Qhis classic motorcycle of great image and adequate construction care, the production takes place in Japan, has not changed compared to the well-known model but has been adapted to new legislation on emissions Japanese.
The W800 is available in Metallic Slate Blue and Metallic Diablo Black colors. The model still imported in Italy is called W800 Original Icon and is totally based on the standard W800 just mentioned, the 2022 color is the two-tone Candy Fire Red / Metallic Diablo Black and the ex-dealer price is 10.14 euros.

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Lto version W800 Street it has a more sober appearance and with less space for chrome for an image less linked to the past, its new color is the Pearl Storm Gray and is combined with a new graphic with silver band on the tank and with piping of the same color on the side panels . The mudguards are in the same color as the bodywork and especially at the front there is an 18-inch rim, again with spokes, instead of 19.

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P.the new coloring for the W800 Cafea tint “Ebony”, With gold thread on the tank just above the graphics taken from the checkered flag. Also in this case there are no significant technical innovations and the spoked wheels are both 18 inches.
Exclusive to this set-up are the low handlebar, the fairing integral with the handlebar and the saddle with sports car with rear hump.

And we conclude with the Ninja ZX-10R KRT Edition 2023, the Kawasaki Racing Team, launched in Indonesia a few days ago along with eight other models.

It is the Kawasaki flagship super sports car that continues to perform well in Superbike; and the KRT coloring / graphics, which for the 2023 model year change in the arrangement of the green-black-red colors and in the design of the new graphic motifs bearing the acronym KRT, are precisely the official motorbikes involved in that world championship; there is a greater prevalence of Kawasaki lime green and the white that previously adorned the belly of the fairings has almost disappeared.
There are also not in this case technical variations compared to the current model, starting with the four-cylinder in-line and sixteen valves of 998 cc and 203 horsepower.

It remains to be seen, as often happens in these cases, if and which of these colors will be available also in Europe.

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Kawasaki 2023: unveiled in USA, Japan and Indonesia – News – Moto.it

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