Lamborghini Countach: The myth is back (and he’s angry)

Wow effect …

Today, as 50 years ago, the exclamation comes naturally: countach! This was the comment that escaped from the Bertone body shop assistant when he saw the breathtaking shapes of the new Lamborghini, ready for its debut and designed by Marcello Gandini, one of the most daring Italian stylists. An expression of the Piedmontese dialect to express wonder or, to put it in a more modern way, wow! Hence the name of the heir of the Miura. Now, imagine traveling back in time, up to 1971: under the spotlight of the Geneva Motor Show, the veils are taken off Lamborghini Countach. It leaves you speechless, its futuristic lines and markedly wedge-shaped profile make everything else suddenly age, unleashed unseen grit, and will become the business card of the following Lamborghinis.

… And more wow effect!

To celebrate the half-century of such an iconic model, Lamborghini has… remade the Countach. Or, rather, a modern remake whose wedge-shaped lines and body proportions are inspired by those of the progenitor. Even in the details of the new one Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 the references to the past are evident (we describe them in the video below), for example in the lights and in the squared shape of the wheel arches.

Once again, behind the back of the driver and passenger’s neck is a naturally aspirated V12. Yesterday’s Lamborghini Countach delivered 385 hp when it went into production in 1973, but today it is electrified. A 34 horsepower current engine works with the 780 horsepower 6.5 and their combined power reaches 814 horsepower. The electrical unit is powered by a supercapacitor placed behind the seats. It is three times lighter than a lithium battery and faster in charge and recharge cycles. Decisive aspects for a sports car, which minimize the fact that, with the same dimensions, it stores less energy than a battery. The gearbox is electro-actuated robotized with seven gears while traction on all four wheels.

Underneath is the aventador

Technical aspects that lead back to the Aventador, which served as the basis for the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4. With a difference, however, in the V12 which is, yes, shared, but in the Countach it is in the mild hybrid variant, so far exclusive to the Sián, a sports car built in 2019 in a few dozen units. Returning to the Aventador, it also owns the frame structure, made up of the carbon fiber cell that makes up the passenger compartment, to which aluminum structures supporting the mechanics are anchored in the front and rear. Among the technological gems, the rear-wheel steering that gives agility in curves and improves stability in changes of direction at high speed. However, driving aids are missing, such as adaptive cruise control and emergency braking.

Cozier than appearances

Essential and minimalist the interior of the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4, reminiscent of that of the ancestor. The exceptions are the digital dashboard, with the rev counter clearly in evidence, and the on-board services screen that occupies the entire console. It also includes the fancy Style function: a graphic animation shows the essential design features of the Lamborghini Countach.

The upward opening doors of the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 they make a great show, but they are not exactly the best for access to the cockpit. Once inside, you are seated very low, in an obviously snug yet comfortable seat (generous padding). It will also be due to the panoramic windscreen, which gives a nice view (even behind, through the “slats”, you can see enough), or to the brightness of the passenger compartment (part of the roof is a photochromic crystal), but on board it feels good and it doesn’t feel stifled like in other coupes. Not much, however, the space for luggage, “forced” in the front compartment.

He knows how to bewitch you

Open the red hatch in the tunnel, pressed the button, the V12 of the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 he wakes up with a soft growl. Once the Drive mode is inserted, we start, with the first few meters traveled with caution but, then, a slight pressure on the accelerator is enough to be crushed into the seat by the brutal thrust of the V12 while its scream “drills” (pleasantly) the eardrums. The gearbox goes after it, rattling off quickly all seven gears, the direct steering, heavy (but not too much) gives the direction with precision and the hard set-up (with electronically controlled suspension) keeps sudden load transfers in line, without the slightest roll, without letting the Countach slip here and there. Then, the feeling of the brakes is that of a racing car: hard pedal, short stroke and very short stopping distances. This is what one would expect from such a beast, mind-boggling performance (within the limits of the roads open to traffic where the test took place) and a certain ease of driving. Helpful is the steering rear end, which ensured a nice agility on the winding hilly roads.

The only less convincing detail of the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 it is the gearbox which, a feature common to many electro-actuated robotic transmissions, is not very fluid and tends to tear in the passages between one gear and another. More annoying aspect in the Road driving mode, which should be the most comfortable, while it becomes less evident in Sport (the Corsa is more for the track), especially using the comfortable levers, of generous dimensions and placed behind the steering wheel, to manual insertion of reports. So much so that in the test we preferred the latter configuration, even when traveling at low speed in built-up areas.

All sold

The exclusivity of the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 it is not measured only by its price, around 2,000,000 euros, but also by its rarity: production is limited to 112 pieces, all already sold, a number that celebrates the design theme of the original model.

In our opinion

> Design. Modern and close to that of its ancestors, it is breathtaking.
> Motor. Delivery and rumble are thrilling.
> Driving position. It is also convenient for travel.

> Driving aid. The so-called Adas are not foreseen.
> Trunk. It turns out small.
> Exchange. Tends to tear: annoying.

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Lamborghini Countach: The myth is back (and he’s angry)

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