Lamborghini Urus, here is the new model that kills Ferrari: it looks like a spaceship –

Urus Performante throws the gauntlet to the Ferrari Purosangue. The new SUV was unveiled slightly in advance to take the stage for the new Prancing Horse car, which will be unveiled on 8 September.

Pebble Beach, a location chosen more and more frequently. Lately, many manufacturers have chosen the exotic Californian location to preview their cars. Maserati had also chosen this scenario to present the new GranTurismo Folgore.

The Lamborghini SUV was presented for the first time at the Beijing Motor Show back in 2012, but launched only in 2018. Now comes this new version that brings performance and driving pleasure to new levels of excellence.

These are the words of the representatives of the house: “Lamborghini Urus defines a new frontier. Urus Performante raises the bar like never before: Lamborghini DNA is infused with visionary audacity into a super SUV designed to deliver absolute sportiness, performance and driving fun. Improved aerodynamics, revolutionary technologies and luxurious versatility are the ingredients behind the most thrilling driving experience ever. “

Urus Performante. Ph @ Lamborghini

Performance driven design

Curves, powerful lines and wild proportions: from the first glance it is evident that the Urus Performante has been designed to offer even higher performance and maximum comfort. A sharper, more pronounced bonnet and bumper add racing elements to this car, which still retains all the elegance of the Urus family. The suspension has been lowered to improve aerodynamics, giving the car a really bold bearing.

The interiors in Black Cosmus Alcantara are characterized by details with a “Performante finish” – a particular pattern composed of the seams of the seats that celebrates the iconic Lamborghini hexagon. Urus Performante is the car with the highest number of carbon fiber components in the segment, a quality that makes it even more unique.

Lamborghini Urus here is the new model that kills Ferrari

666, but it’s not the Diablo

Urus Performante brings the power of the engine to 666 CV. Historically this is the number that represents the evil one, but it is not the beloved Diablo. Not just more power: thanks to one weight reduction overall of 47 kg, Urus Performante becomes the super SUV with the best weight / power ratio in its category.

Optimized aerodynamics (downforce increased by 8%) e top speed at 306 km / h: the Performante was born to be fast. Yet its incredible responsiveness, maneuverability and stability make it a simple and safe car to drive. The driving modes of the SOUL selector they have been redesigned and enhanced to be able to define the perfect configuration for every need.

The comment of Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Lamborghini:

“With the Urus Performante, the incredible performance and unmistakable look of the revolutionary Lamborghini super SUV reach new heights, while remaining luxuriously versatile and offering the most exciting driving experience ever, on and off the road. Its seductive design represents a new benchmark in terms of driving dynamism ”.

Urus Performante. Interior. Ph @ Lamborghini
Urus Performante. Interior. Ph @ Lamborghini

All that remains is to wait for the Ferrari Purosangue debut, expected todayto see a nice challenge between the titans.

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Lamborghini Urus, here is the new model that kills Ferrari: it looks like a spaceship –

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