LAN and eSports halls: why are they illegal today and when could they reopen

LAN and eSports halls are at risk. Following a complaint, the activities that contain and allow the game (not slot machines) outside your home have been blocked. The chaos for the companies that manage these activities is linked precisely to the term used to describe the technology used, that is, “home entertainment” for home entertainment.

To do close the LAN and eSport rooms it was a statement by Sergio MIlesiCEO of Led Srl According to what has been reported, LAN and eSport halls are not regulated and therefore not adequately taxed by the state, unlike the more classic slot halls spread throughout the territory.

Part of the problem is therefore the lack of regulation of these activities, which are now found the seals on the computers and the shutters lowered indefinitely. There are those who point out, from the web, that the seals placed on gaming computers, even those for “sales”, would make sense if the same modus operandi was used in stores, including large chains, which sell the same computers and have their performance tested on site.

The words of Roberto Buonannopartner ofeSport Palace, sound harsh, but they represent the voices of an entire sector that has been paralyzed overnight after the post lockdown recovery. “It is embarrassing […] toaccept the complaint of any one and close the activities without first going to a judge”, He commented on the Youtube channel Player Inside.

Illegal LAN rooms and eSports: the reason for the complaint and the closure

LAN and eSport rooms were closed following a complaint filed with the Monopoly Agency. The motivation for this, signed by the CEO of Led Srl, Sergio Milesiit’s the following:

They are subjected to numerous checks and it is enough that there is only an authorization to trigger the seizure, while these activities do not seem required to all these procedures. […] Our company owns several amusement arcades in numerous Italian regions and we employ around 250 people. Our sector has had a very complicated period following Covid and, as if that weren’t enough, we now find ourselves as a competitor of recreational activities that host devices without a coin mechanism, but which require you to pay a certain price at the entrance and for to be able to play so-called electronic games

The LAN and eSport halls have been closed in advance to be subjected to an audit and to check if they comply with the regulations in force. This includes traditional game rooms, that is, those that work with coin operated equipment and not the counterpart with devices indicated precisely as dedicated to “home entertainment”. The exhibit paves the way for one more accurate regulation and specifies LAN and eSport halls, but at the same time their preventive closure puts hundreds of businesses present throughout the territory at risk. After all, the pandemic was a period of severe crisis even for the activities of competition with traditional gambling halls. It is not clear how long the control phase will last and how the lost revenues from this period will be managed.

How LAN and eSport rooms work: the differences with traditional game rooms

The main and most important difference between traditional and LAN and eSports arcades is that with the latter no sums are won. In fact, in activities centered on the videogame world, the payment for admission is used to play, not to win a sum of money.

With LAN and eSport rooms we also mean commercial establishments where computers, connected to the internet, are used to allow a use of technologies performing and connected fast to everyone. They can also be used by those who work with such technologies, for example forvideo editing or the 3D graphics.

Another difference is the interface. While in traditional game rooms the devices are activities, as well as the programs inside are rented, for the LAN and eSports rooms instead the technologies are arranged by the activities, the game by a third party and the account is deprived of the user.

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LAN and eSports halls: why are they illegal today and when could they reopen

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