Lancia Thema GTS, is Stellantis serious? The unexpected return that excites Italians –

Just a rumor, or is Stellantis serious? there may be a fourth car in Lancia’s future, the Thema GTS. An unexpected return.

The Lancia Thema, the flagship par excellence of the Turin house, now controlled by Stellantis. A story that starts in 1984, when it was presented for the first time at the Motor Show in the Piedmontese capital. Over 370,000 units produced until 1994, the year in which it was replaced by the Lancia K.

Launch GTS Theme
Stella thinks about the relaunch of the Lancia Tema GTS –

Four long years of planning, starting in 1980, for a car that managed to make inroads on the market. A painstaking work that paid off, given that the Thema replaced the Lancia Gamma without difficulty. Coming to become a direct competitor of the German sedans of cry, in those years (Audi 100, BMW 5 Series E28 and E34 and Mercedes E W124). A completely different speech, however, for his heir who was unable to repeat the success of the Theme.

Lancia Thema: between the 2011 flop and the possible relaunch of Stellantis

In a certain sense ‘a name, a guarantee’. Almost a brand and as happened in the recent past it was also relaunched in 2011, after a thorough restyling. Also in this case the flagship of the Italian house, which remained on the market for 3 years. The second generation of the Chrysler 300, for Europe. This time, however, the operation didn’t work as it did in the decade between the 80s and 90s. And it was soon taken off the lists, due to the few sales.

Yet today we are once again talking about the great Lancia flagship. All thanks to Tommaso D’Amico, designer and architect, who on his YouTube channel has given ‘new life’, at least virtually, to the Thema. A few minutes long video showing the cockpit, like the rest of the car. Elegant and technological, in full Lancia style.

Launch Thema
The Lancia flagship, the Thema –

For now, however, Stellantis has three models in the pipeline for the relaunch of the Lancia brand: the new Ypsilon, a crossover and then the new Delta. A project that will accompany the Piedmontese company until 2028, the first of the three should only come out in 2024. However, it is said that the multinational, manufacturer of motor vehicles, will not decide to also focus on the remake of the remake of the flagship.

Stellantis: Lancia on the same road as Alfa Romeo?

Like the new Lancia Thema GTS hypothesized in the video. A hypothesis for now, which however could only materialize in 2029, given the work already put in place for the next few years. Therefore, the possible fourth car of the Turin house brand, an ‘extra’ of absolute quality that could once again give a hard time to the German sedans which, despite the years, always remain an evergreen.

Furthermore, a choice of this type would also confirm Stellantis’ ambitions with regard to Lancia. An ‘all-round’ relaunch, which aims at the global market and not just at the European borders. Going to follow the path imagined for Alfa Romeo. So, not a utopia or a far-fetched project. Going to focus on a brand that makes elegance one of its strong points. The engine? Staying with the video, it will obviously be electric and will use a STLA Large platform, the same as the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

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Lancia Thema GTS, is Stellantis serious? The unexpected return that excites Italians –

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