Mercedes c63 amg, with the hybrid flies like a Lamborghini: 680 hp of pure power –

The C63 amg SE Performance, the new release from Mercedes, promises exhilarating performance. Every new Mercedes car release is an event, and now there is no exception. 680 hp of power for the latest technology hybrid engine.

The new evolutionary model from Mercedes C63 it is in the name of renewal and the transition to electrification. Even if, as for the other components of the C class, it is done at less of the motor V8regularly installed on the top versions of the car manufacturer, such as the 843 HP GT 63 SE Performance, even in this case it did not skimp on the technical equipment.

The new Mercedes C63 amg, premiered on 21 September.

With the powertrtain plug-in hybrid from 680 hp And 1.020 Nm, the performances are ensured, as also expressed by the name. The C63 amg constitutes, as already mentioned, the passage towards electrification, starting from the 4-cylinder base of the petrol and diesel versions. There new C63moreover, it will be proposed both in the version sedan than in that station wagon.

The aesthetic aspect

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The Mercedes C63 amg, in the sedan version, in its road test.

Although some note similarity with the C43on balance, the C63 has a much larger design. In this regard, it should be considered that it is the more extended range model in length and width. The front, in particular, is longer than 50 mm, given the spatial distribution of the air intakes.

There roadway it is 76 mm longer, and the wheelbase 10 mm, again with reference to the previous versions. The new car houses some wider tireswith a view to a higher stability and road holding. Logically, the fenders also had to adjust in size to accommodate the new tires. THE circles in standard alloy they are 19 “, while as an option we find the 20”, forged ones.

A gem: they are well hidden in the front two active Air Panels, which change their position in relation to the needs of the cooling system. For the rest, the prestigious ones immediately stand out among the interiors sports seatsthe steering wheel AMG performance with integrated display. Furthermore, we find the graphics customizedMbux to beautify and make the passenger compartment original.

The technological equipment

In addition to display integrated on the steering wheelwe find that too central relating to the programming of the instrumentation available on board, in addition tohead-up display. Also present, well eight driving modes, listed below. Electric, Comfort, Battery Hold, Sport, Sport +, Race, Slippery and Individual, will properly enhance every possible condition of use of the vehicle, based on the need.

The technical aspect

If the previous Mercedes C-Class used the V8 4.0 twin-turbo engine, we hereby want to offer aalternativeeconomizing in the construction phase, but at the same time offering one configuration that can satisfy, in terms of quality / price ratio. The motor four-cylinder 2.0 M139 turbofan476 hp and 545 Nm, with oversized turbine supplied, it is combined, in the current hybrid version, with the 204 hp electric motor with dedicated two-speed gearbox.

Furthermore, the first engine is supported by an additional electric motor, with the task of supporting the electric supercharging. It is powered by the 400 Volt system onboard. In addition to the different, more efficient configuration, they were offered 170 hp more of the previous version.

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Mercedes c63 amg, with the hybrid flies like a Lamborghini: 680 hp of pure power –

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