Monkey Island creator is tired of getting tips

Judging by the former imagesthe new Return to Monkey Island will have a decidedly emphasized graphics, recalling in some ways the visual style of the other very successful point and click adventure by LucasArts, Day of the Tentacle. This graphics did not appeal to some players who did get to Ron Gilbert, the creator of Monkey Island, a loud and clear message. But Gilbert himself reacted.

And how if he reacted. In this blog post he responded to the criticism rather vehemently. Those who attack Gilbert, in particular, accuse him of not following the trail he himself had outlined for the future of Monkey Island in a post in the same blog dating back to 2013. “I did not want to write commandments to be engraved in stone”now writes Gilbert. “They were just random thoughts about a (then very unlikely) new Monkey Island game. There is no promise or anything else I owe anyone.”.

Back then, Gilbert only knew that if there was a new Monkey Island, Guybrush he would follow the ghost pirate LeChuck to hell, and that Stan it would have been part of history, somehow “. Now that the concrete project has reached the final stages of its realization, it is something much more structured, which naturally differs in an important way from that primordial idea.

One of the things that bothers Gilbert the most the idea that the old LucasArts adventures were made with retro graphics. This is not true: we are talking about games dating back to the early part of the 90s, which had the best possible graphics for that era. “The only game I’ve made in pixel art in my life Thimbleweed Park in fact Gilbert writes. “Monkey Island 1 and 2 were not pixel art games. They were games that used cutting-edge technology and art elements. Monkey Island 1 it was in 16-color EGA graphics and we jumped at the opportunity to upgrade it to 256 colors right away when it showed up. Monkey Island 2 featured the magic of the scanned art of Peter Chan And Steve Purcell.

If I had realized Monkey Island 3 in those days I would not have re-proposed the graphics of Monkey Island 2. The next evolution, in fact, was the one we had with the graphics of Day of the Tentacle “. At the same time Gilbert admits that he doesn’t like DotT’s graphics that much and was unconvinced even by The Curse of Monkey Islandthe third installment produced by LucasArts, but which did not see Gilbert himself at the helm.

“When with Dave Grossman we started brainstorming on Return to Monkey Island we evaluated pixel art, but then we discarded this hypothesis “writes Gilbert. “We didn’t want to create a retro game. In fact, there isn’t an article on Thimbleweed Park where it isn’t referred to as a ‘throwback’. I didn’t want Return to Monkey Island to be just a throwback, but I wanted to keep Monkey moving forward. Island because it is interesting, fun and exciting. What Monkey Island games have always done “.

“With these games, our goal has always been to be provocative and surprising. We never wanted to limit ourselves to what everyone expected.” continues Gilbert. “Return to Monkey Island won’t have the visual style you wanted, but what I want!”

And goes on: “Sad to think that those who don’t want me to make the game I want are avid fans of the first few episodes. Return to Monkey Island will be like an incredible roller coaster. Get on and have fun or get off, because it won’t be what you expect it to be at all. is”.

Gilbert announced Return to Monkey Island last year April 1st, after the game remained in development for two years. Long ago Ron Gilbert stated that if he went back to work on Monkey Island, he would announce it on April 1st. And he has fulfilled this promise. Return to Monkey Island was like a bolt from the blue for fans, not least because the release will happen relatively soon. Developed by the Terrible Toybox by Gilbert himself, in collaboration with Devolver Digital And Lucasfilm Gamesin fact expected by the end of 2022.

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Monkey Island creator is tired of getting tips

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