New Half Life canceled, gameplay ends online – VIDEO

The Half Life gameplay appears online and shows us the new project of the development team. There is also bad news, it is canceled. Let’s find out the why of all this together

A few hours ago Noclip has shared 60 minutes of content concerning the spin off of a very famous game. The subject in question appears to be the title itself Half-Life 2: Episode 4 also known as Return to Ravenholm. It is a title set inside the former Stronghold of the Resistance, a place that currently takes the name of the city of Ravenholm. A place where zombies roam unchallenged. Many remember Ravenholm as one of the most beloved levels of Half-Life 2, and now gameplay on the new project comes online.

New Half Life canceled, gameplay appears online (source Valve Corporation)

Simply put it is almost as if, a horror gamehas managed to fit into a survival title. Despite this, it is a one and only chapter. Although it seems to be particularly interesting to find out how an adventure set right here would have ended. On Half Life we ‚Äč‚Äčalso witnessed thearrival of a particular “Little voice”.

The new Half Life in online gameplay. But it is time to speak in the past tense, unfortunately

There new Half Life Alyx campaign, has really convinced us for the proposed contents. And so, Ravenholm introduces us to a convenience breakfast with Father Grigori, the only one who managed to save his life. After a few seconds, however, the zombies make their entrance, entering through the windows. We, at this point, have no choice but to start running away. Within the video in question it is also possible to see several other chapters interrupted by the narration made by Danny O’Dwyer. Players can even find out how the fight would have unfolded, a fight in which there was no shortage of gods very heavy melee attacks where the player falls tumbling on the zombies. Enemies might even have had a chance to escape, and break free from the traps.

New Half Life canceled online gameplay
New Half Life canceled, gameplay appears online (source Valve Corporation)

There could be numerous tricks that the enthusiasts could use to your advantage. One tactic they could have used, for example, was a trap used by exploiting electricity. These are tools that would later pass into Arkane Studios’ subsequent projects, including Prey And Deathloop. Although Ravenholm is not a completed game, the video that sees him as the protagonist has picked up a large number of comments.

A game ended and canceled, as there was no room to continue develop such a project. Furthermore, there was also the fear that this type of setting could be interpreted in a bad way. But surely, for fans of the genre or the saga, it is a video that must absolutely be seen to the end.

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New Half Life canceled, gameplay ends online – VIDEO

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