One of the most beautiful Italian cars of all time abandoned in a garage: the discovery is shocking –

It is one of the most beautiful Italian cars ever and unfortunately it did not end well. A vehicle that has thrilled millions of motorists ended up like any other wreck: the details.

It is one of the most beautiful Italian cars ever, capable of thrilling millions of enthusiasts and motorists over the years, also embellishing Italy in terms of automotive culture and beyond. Let’s talk about the splendid Lamborghini Miura. This model ended almost dramatically: let’s find out more about it.

Italian glory of abandoned motoring

Lamborghini Miura: what we don’t know about this model

There Lamborghini Miuraa unique model of its kind that unfortunately has remained abandoned in a parking lot for forty years. To keep him company, only the inexorable advance of time, rust and dust. But the Miura always remains the Miura, and still today it is considered one of the most beautiful cars of the 1960s and in the history of motoring.

The one we will talk about today is a model that belonged to the billionaire Aristotle Onassis first and then to the singer Stamatis Kokotas. The car, a 1969 Lamborghini Miura P400S, is metallic brown. It is equipped with a 3.9-liter V12 engine capable of delivering 375 hp of maximum power, which for the period in which it was produced were really important numbers.

Lamborghini Miura (Web source) September 13, 2022
Lamborghini Miura abandoned (Web source)

The singer Kokotas in the 70s alternated his career as a singer with a passion for rallies; more generally, the love for cars distinguished him. And in fact he owned a vast collection of luxury cars, to which was added the P400Sā€¦ in “sharing”.

Yes, because the billionaire Onassis was a friend of Kokotas and loved his music, plus it was typical of him to share his wealth with a fellow artist. And so he did with the Miura, a car that benefited from electric windows, renewed engine and air conditioning, but also alloy air intakes, passenger handle, gear lever, window buttons and customized steering wheel.

Lamborghini Miura, when the bread goes to those who don’t have teeth: what happened to it

Unfortunately, however, Kokotas did not understand at all what he had in his hands. Onassis decided to give him this car, knowing of his great passion for cars. But, evidently, he was very wrong; the car came abandoned in 1972, only to be found again in 2012 in a parking lot of the Hilton Hotel in Athens, which, moreover, was about to be demolished.

Kokotas used the car for three years, covering 100,000 kilometers with the same car. He decided to get rid of it because he didn’t want to face the repair costs of an engine failure that the car had suffered. In December 2012, however, the British auction house Coys put up for auction the Lamborghini Miura given to Kokotas by Onassis.

Lamborghini Miura (Web source) September 13, 2022
Lamborghini Miura abandoned, the interiors (Web source)

Its history, however, was not known to most, at least initially, with the Italian car that was advertised as a car found in a barn. An ambiguous story, but that did not draw back the myriad of enthusiasts and collectors ready to do anything to buy it. The winner of the auction is still unknown and he managed to win it for about 312 thousand euros.

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One of the most beautiful Italian cars of all time abandoned in a garage: the discovery is shocking –

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