PlayStation Store Discounts: Three indie games on offer, there is also Hades

This weekend we had no trouble selecting our customary ones tips for shopping. As soon as we opened the page dedicated to PlayStation Store indie discounts, our gaze immediately fell on these three games, each capable of thrilling and entertaining in its own way. If you have a little something to spare, we advise you to take advantage of the discounts now and add Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Hades and Trek to Yomi to your collection … and now we explain why.

Kena Bridge of Spirits PS4 and PS5 – 23.99 euros

Among the most beautiful surprises of the first vintage of PlayStation 5, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an old-fashioned third-person action adventure that combines storytelling, exploration and challenging combat. As Kena, a young girl Spirit Guide with a tender smile and eyes imbued with peace, you will be called to annihilate the corruption that is gradually devouring all forms of life and rebuild a once majestic forest.

Your path will intertwine with that of the gods Rot, shy and extremely expressive sprites whose job is to transform dead organisms to preserve the natural balance. Under your guidance, these critters will learn new skills and discover new ways to manipulate the environmentrevealing themselves to be invaluable allies in the fight against corrupt spirits.

The strength of Kena: Bridge of Spirits lies in its balance between gameplay and storytelling, as well as in a technical-artistic sector that manages to give so much joy to the eyes, especially on PlayStation 5. Ember Lab’s debut feature is also available on PS4 (a single purchase is enough to get both versions), however on Sony’s new console it gives its best with two graphics modes: one privileges visual quality with 4K resolution and 30fps framerate; the other focuses on performance, with dynamic 4K (1800p on average) at 60fps. Read the review by Kena: Bridge of Spirits to know more.

Hades PS4 and PS5 – € 16.74

Never too praised, Hades is a superfine rogue-like dungeon crawler who treasures all the achievements made by the guys at Supegiant Games over the course of their careers, from the rapid combat system of Bastion to the sought-after setting of Transistorup to the storytelling based on memorable characters of Pyre.

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Hades amazes from the first glance with a visual aspect so beautiful it takes your breath away, characterized by a masterful use of colors and a fine character design. To support this bewitching interactive cartoon we also think of one deep and exciting storytellingwhich sees the prince of the underworld Zagreus engaged in a daring escape from the kingdom of the dead, e a maniacally curated gameplay, challenging and addictive. Read ours review by Hades to understand why it is one of the best games of recent years.

Trek to Yomi PS4 and PS5 – 13.99 euros

We conclude this brief but intense review with Trek to Yomi, the cheapest and most recent game of the lotto. Developed by Leonard Menchiari and Flying Wild Hog under the Devolver Digital label, this is a highly cinematic side-scrolling adventure inspired by classic samurai films of the mid-twentieth century.

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The story tells of Hiroki, a young swordsman who swore to his dying master to protect his city and loved ones from any threat. Bound in duty, he will be called to an arduous undertaking that will lead him to the land of the dead, on a journey that he can conclude in different ways based on the choices made.

Featuring black and white hues, the charming art direction must not distract attention from evil swordsmen and supernatural enemies, who can be faced with a fluid and highly spectacular combat system based on traditional samurai weapons. To accompany the whole there is a soundtrack that aims to enhance the action and the most reflective moments by recreating the atmosphere of feudal Japan. If you love this particular historical period and are fascinated by the reference film genre, do not hesitate to buy it. Find more information in ours Trek to Yomi review.

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PlayStation Store Discounts: Three indie games on offer, there is also Hades

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