PlayStation Store: games for less than €2.50, there’s also Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

The long ones January Sale, which began when 2023 had not even begun yet, are still active on the PlayStation Store offering all PS4 and PS5 gamers hundreds and hundreds of purchase opportunities. Given that, in all likelihood, buying Christmas gifts is still impacting your finances, and given that a new year of great releases has just begun, this weekend we have chosen to keep ourselves low, very low, by recommending a series of three games to buy for less than a croissant with cappuccino!

Darkest Dungeon – 2.19 euros

Stay away from Darkest dungeon if you are looking for a relaxing and undemanding experience. Among the most popular indies of the last decade, the Red Hook Studios game is an addictive one Turn-based roguelike RPG with a hand-crafted gothic style, which focuses its gameplay on the mechanics of “adventure stress”which erodes the heroes’ resolve by exposing them to unimaginable horrors, stress, famine, disease, and voracious darkness.

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As a good roguelike that it is, Darkest Dungeon expects the permanent death of characters, procedural dungeons and a strong propensity for replay value. Between one turn-based combat and another, the heroes (divided into 15 classes, including the Plague Doctor, the Fury and the Leper) need to rest at the Tavern or the Abbey to keep their stress levels under control. Darkest Dungeon, as we have said from the beginning, is not for everyone, being cynical, ruthless and incredibly arduousHowever, those who manage to approach it with the right lucidity will be rewarded with satisfactions that very few other experiences of this type are able to give.

You will know more by reading ours Darkest Dungeon review. In the meantime, the guys at Red Hook Studios continue to work on the sequel Darkest Dungeon 2whose launch is currently scheduled for 2023, first on PC.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – 1.99 euros

After the success of the first Mirror’s Edge, a game dating back to the early years of the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation, it took Electronic Arts eight years to bring the Runners Faith Connors on gaming screens. The result was this Mirror’s Edge Catalysta game that is neither a sequel nor a prequel, but a restart which, despite not having given the expected qualitative and economic results, deserves to be rediscovered at the price at which it is offered.

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a first person open world action/adventure game set in the dystopian city of Glass, where blinding white, vibrant colors and apparent order try to hide the machinations of a totalitarian corporatocracy. In the role of Faith, just released from prison, you are called to move acrobatically between the roofs and interiors of skyscrapers using his marked ability in parkour. Jumps, slides, climbs and descents at breakneck speed on the cableways are linked in a fluid and spectacular way, transforming the crossings into continuous fun, a wild and enthralling ride which represents the true essence of the game.

The story does not stand comparison with the setting and the combat system is not at the level of parkour, but certain imperfections go into the background with a purchase price of 1.99 euros. Read ours Mirror’s Edge Catalyst review.

Stick It to the Man – 1.59 euros

If you’re craving something wacky and over the top, then Stick it to the Man! by Zoink, a Swedish development studio also known for Zombie Vikings, Flipping Death and Lost in Random, could be for you.

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The protagonist of this eccentric adventure is Ray, who is a helmet tester by trade. During a working day like any other, he wakes up with a giant pink arm on his head that gives him the sensational power to read minds and change the world with stickers, even if he is later forced to flee because he is accused of a crime he did not commit. .

Stick it to the Man is not easy to categorize, since mixes elements derived from graphic adventures, platform and action, but it is certainly capable of tickling the eyes and mind with a graphic sector with a unique style, comic ideas and hilarious characters. Our review of Stick it to the Man! it can be for you if you need other clarifications.

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PlayStation Store: games for less than €2.50, there’s also Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

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