Rai 4K is not seen: that’s why

The World Cup in Qatar starting in a few days is an exclusive of the public service. All 64 games will be broadcast live, also at Ultra HD resolution and streamed on the new channel Rai 4K accessible at number 101. Among those who have already tried to tune their television, someone has encountered problems: let’s try to understand why they might not see each other, what are the possible reasons.

My TV does not receive Rai 4K: why?

First of all, as we have already got to write about these pagesit is a technology-based broadcast HbbTV. The acronym, in full, reads Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV. It is therefore not the digital terrestrial, not even the latest generation DVB-T2 standard that will soon push all those in possession of an old device to change television or to buy a compatible decoder. Here is the definition provided by the glossary of the Ministry of Economic Development.

HBBTV is a hybrid and open platform that allows users to access content of different nature and origin. In addition to the extra content uploaded by the broadcasters, the user will be able to access on-demand programs, schedule the recording of TV programs, chat and access social networks. Each broadcaster can then upload, together with the traditional channel, additional information, additional TV programs or a complete review of the programs already aired, using the Internet connection.

As you can already guess from the name, it is a hybrid system, which leverages on streaming for receiving the audio-video stream and not on the traditional antenna. A method quite similar to that used, for example, for Netflix, Prime Video or RaiPlay. For this reason, the TV must be connected to the Internet. This can be one of the problems encountered.

It is also possible that your own television or decoder are not equipped with support for this technology, even if they have access to online content. The only way to know is to check in the manual.

The last and fundamental requirement is one at least 15 Mbps connection in download to receive the signal without interruptions. Fiber is better, therefore, ADSL (especially if not particularly fast) are not suitable.

The alternative: computers or mobile devices

If for any technical reason (performance of the Internet line apart) it is not possible to receive the new Rai 4K, it is always possible to start viewing from any browser on devices. computer or mobile device like smartphones and tablets. All you have to do is visit this address.

The new Rai 4K channel broadcast on HbbTV

Finally, let us remember that it is not the only one channel broadcast on HbbTV: there are also dozens of them from Mediaset, Discovery Channel and Sportitalia.

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Rai 4K is not seen: that’s why

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