Red Dead Redemption 2 could have been different: the content cut

Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan’s western epic that we hope will return to PS5 and Xbox Series X with a dedicated patch, he called us on a wonderful journey which, although long-lived, has never given us the impression of relying on “watered down” or irrelevant content. During the long development of the game, Rockstar Games has filed the playful and narrative experience so that it arrives in the hands of the players in an absolutely optimal state, even through some interventions of a certain weight.

For this reason we have focused on some of the best content cut or modified in Red Dead Redemption 2, because if they had arrived in the finished product they would certainly have been interesting. From similar Loch Ness monsters, forbidden loves and missions that would probably have amused us a lot, we return to the twilight of the wild west in the company of Dutch’s right arm.

The sea monster … found in GTA V

The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is not only inhabited by gunmen and outlaws but also by many different species of animals, which – between prey and predators – are able to offer incredible shows in the eyes of those who patiently observe them. Well, in the original plans the blockbuster of Rockstar Games it must have had an even wider faunajust think of sharks or dolphins but also bobcats and even a single camel, which apparently appeared at a specific moment in the game.

Perhaps not everyone knows, however, that Arthur could have come across some sort of Loch Ness monster, which inhabited the depths of Flat Iron Lake. Unfortunately for this themed side mission only the crumbs remained in the final experiencestarting with a figurine dedicated to a boat and the so-called “River Monster”.

In addition, users who have browsed through the game files found audio of the River Monster which, with its roars and roars, would certainly have put a strain on Morgan’s coronaries. To make up for the monster’s absence in Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games has well thought of place him in a GTA Online mission, after which it is possible to spot it while it is in the water. In addition, the creature is also depicted in a sand sculpture on an islet, proof of the fact that the developers wanted to insert it but in a playful and narrative context that is much more suitable.

The tragic story of Isaac

Of Isaac, the son he had lost, Arthur has never spoken often in the course of his long journey. Not because he didn’t care about him but for the opposite reasons. Dutch’s trusty right arm indeed he had never been able to accept the death of his son, which occurred among other things at the hand of a rascal who wanted to rob his mother. Morgan’s guilt stemmed from the fact that he had never been a father present to the boy, with whom he only stayed a few days a year and then left for yet another crime or theft. In short, we are talking about a harrowing story from the cowboy’s past, which was originally supposed to be even more painful.

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As revealed in a panel with the cast of the game in 2019, Arthur’s newborn son was supposed to die right in his father’s arms, due to the extreme cold of the snow-capped mountains that we actually explored at the beginning of the adventure. This tragic event, however, would have changed not a little the balance in the Van Der Linde band, because after such a painful loss the protagonist would have questioned Dutch’s unstable driving too soon. For this reason, Isaac’s events have been modified so as to belong to Arthur’s past, who thus gradually lost faith in his own guide, to the advantage of the narrative plot.

The original Guarma

Of environments of the first Red Dead Redemption that can be explored through glitcheslet’s think for example of parts of Mexico, and locations that originally had to be exploited more, has already been talked about several times over the years.

Before dwelling on what, net of the changes, has remained a key setting in the gunslinger’s journey, we want to briefly mention Saint Denis, which was originally to be called New Bordeaux. This name, however, was given to the city of Mafia III of Hangar 13 (by the way, here is the Mafia 3 review) which, we want to remember, still comes from the world of Take-Two Interactive (the parent company of Rockstar Games), which is why in the end we explored Saint Denis as Arthur.

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That said, among the most significant changes to the game’s settings we find those made in Guarma, originally Guama, which in addition to being completely explorable, had to be visited also with John Marston, in the epilogue of the adventure. Inhabited by animals not found in the central map and embellished with side missions, such as the one linked to the never used character of Dr. Higgins, the island of Guama it nevertheless played an important role in the events of Red Dead Redemption 2yet it is a pity that today the only way to return is to resort to glitches.

A second love story …

Also part of the protagonist’s past is the troubled relationship with Mary Linton, a woman who in different circumstances could have (and wanted) to marry Arthur. From the emotional ups and downs that characterized the last meetings of this impossible couple, to the bitter letter that a now disillusioned Mary sent to the man, the love stories in the game they turned out to be as exciting as they were lovinga bit like the rest of the story.

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Well, the great Dan Houser – co-founder of Rockstar Games and the creative mind behind many of his masterpieces – unveiled in an interview that initially the team he had thought of two different cowboy romances but, in addition to adding that one of the two would not work, he did not unbutton further. Assuming that one of the two women is certainly Mary, there is a fair possibility that the second “lucky one” was Sadie Adler, the brave bounty hunter who from the beginning of the game had a strong affinity with the protagonist.

The Neanderthal “giant”

Like animals, and perhaps more so, in the files of Red Dead Redemption 2 Many fully sculpted but unused NPC models have been found, which at some point in the game’s development were thought to influence Arthur Morgan’s story in different ways. Among these characters, however, a very particular one was discovered, because it resembles in all respects a Neanderthal man. For the uninitiated, we are talking about a hominid closely related to homo sapiens and lived in the Middle Paleolithic.

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As soon as this model was shared on Reddit by dataminers, fans pulled up a huge castle of theories regarding the role our bearded friend would play in the gameuntil some reasonable assumptions have emerged.

In addition to those who believed in an appearance of him in the possible DLC of the story in the style of Undead Nightmarewhich never arrived, however, there are those who have thought of one direct correlation with the giant who inhabited one of the game’s caves, a big man with whom Arthur chatted from time to time without being able to see him. Unfortunately we will never know the truth but we like to think that the answer to the question about his identity is precisely this.

The mission of the train that we will never see

Red Dead Redemption 2 gave us absolutely memorable main missions, between shootings out of the best western films and moments of quiet that however pushed the throttle on the accelerator of emotions. Also on the missions front Rockstar Games had to make some sacrifices not just to prepare the definitive version of the story, cutting five hours of content for a myriad of different reasons.

Red Dead Redemption 2 could have been different the content

Among these there was also a spectacular battle on the train that saw Arthur and Dutch sell their skin dearly to save themselves from an ambush set on them by the bounty hunters, which unfortunately – as has been revealed by those who have given the voice to the two gunslingers – it was eventually eliminated.

Both actors proved to appreciate Rockstar Games’ modus operandi and the dedication of the studio to the achievement of out-of-scale quality levels but at the same time they failed to hide the sorrow for the elimination of the mission. The two interpreters stated of having worked so hard to record the dialogues between Arthur and Dutch during the section, which for Roger Clark was absolutely capable of entertaining players. The voice actor concluded his speech with “the amount of good things they let go of was … well, this is too much” and perhaps, especially for the game’s millions of fans, it was good that he decided to stop and do not reveal anything else.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 could have been different: the content cut

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