Reinstall Whatsapp, so you can, without losing data: the steps

Without losing your data and messages, here are the aspects to know and how to reinstall Whatsapp: the details about it

What you need to know about reinstalling Whatsapp, how to keep and not lose your data and messages.

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When it comes to Whatsapp reference is made to the known and widespread instant messaging app which is used every day by an incredible number of users.

Whether this concerns the work context or the personal one, the application it has gradually become more and more central with regard to the exchange of messages, multimedia contents, information and so on.

The farmer also contributes to its diffusion multiform. As known, in fact, there is a way to be able to access and use it also from computer, as well as give smartphones, through Whatsapp Desktop or Web.

In some cases it may be necessary to proceed with the uninstall of the app itself, perhaps because in the presence of a malfunction, or why the user has changed your device.

And a situation like this opens up questions. Here’s what it is.

Reinstall Whatsapp iOS and Android: the steps, how to do it

There are many aspects that attract attention when it comes to Whatsapp, different elements to explore and learn more about. In this sense, consider the possibility of book your shift, right through Whatsapp, avoiding long waits at the post office.

Or, again, to the great novelty represented by the Whatsapp community: Here are some details and steps on how to remove or add an admin.

However, returning to the point in question, a common concern for many users concerns the loss of your data and messages going to uninstall and then reinstall the app.

This can actually happen but only if you do not have an updated backup archive.

Therefore, before proceeding with the re-installation of the app it is good to create a backups of your data. As regards android, by default, the latter automatically creates a daily archive on the device.

The key cryptography by which there is local backup content protection binds with the account. So, with the subject’s phone number.

The chat of the app are generally located on Android, inside the folder “Android – Media – com.Whatsapp – Whatsapp – Database”. Inside the files that are called msgstore.db*. As regards the attachments object of the various exchanges with the various contacts, within the directory “Android – Media – com.Whatsapp – Whatsapp – Media”.

If so, it could be further to copy also elsewhere the contents of these folders. In any case, however, the preferable path is to focus on the three points at the top right of the app’s main screen. Later focus on Settings, Chats and at this point Chat backup.

Whatsapp Backup

Going to press on Back up, it is possible to request the creation of an updated backup with the various contents. Just for iOS how much for android, it is preferable to proceed to configure the app backup on Google Drive or iCloud.

In doing so, even if unfortunately yes lost or damaged your mobile device so much that it cannot be repaired, that will be enough re-install the instant messaging application on another device. And take care of restoration of your data from the cloud server.

The relevant aspect to keep in mind is the activation of the end-to-end encryption in Drive or iCloud. In doing so, unlike what happened in the past, both Google and Apple have no way of being able to access the contents of the App Backup itself.

More backup details

At the end of Whatsapp backup protection on Drive or iCloud, is there any way you can employ one password decided by the user or a code sixty-four bytes. This is valuable information, which is fine keep. By doing so, you will be able to restore the backup of the ‘green’ app, on the same device or on another Android – iOS device.

“Include video” allows the creation of black even with respect to video content, which otherwise would not be affected. It is clear that the backup of such items, as is evident, could take a some time. It could also affect the reduction of availability Of space on the Cloud. It is in all likelihood of heavy files.

Backup with cellular data network turns out to be useful for those who do not have access to a Wifi want to have their device connected but still want to back up.

In this case, however, it is necessary to consider that it is possible that they will come consumed several gigabytes of data plan.

Whatsapp re-installed, how to recover messages

After doing the unsalting din the app and the new installation of the same, it is necessary to confirm the telephone number, to give the consent to the permissions to access the contacts and file system.

The remaining step requires the app to search for a backups locally or in the cloud.

Focusing on reset, if end-to-end encryption regarding the cloud has been activated, the app requests the specification of the password or code.

With the right info entered, the app shows the number of messages being restored using the archive.

As for i average, where there are the various attachments, these are recovered gradually and re-introduced in the respective previous positions.

Continuing, you must confirm the username you intend to see shown, as well as the profile picture.

In the case of the change of telephone number of the app and the device, the steps to know in order to avoid any problems and prevent the loss of chats concern a few simple steps.

First focus on settings, then Accounts it’s still, Change number. This on the previous device. So, at this point, proceed to install the app on the new mobile device.

In case you want to use the app in no mobile number, it could be associated with one VoIP numbering with the area code. In this sense, it is sufficient to have Whatsapp Business.

If you reinstall the app, you lose it each association with the connected devices. If you use the desktop or web version on several devices, you will have to add them again. This operation is possible by focusing on the three dots at the top right of the smartphone.

At this point, select Connected devices and to conclude, connect a device.

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Reinstall Whatsapp, so you can, without losing data: the steps

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