Sale eSport and Lan, only three closed due to serious irregularities and lack of licenses, clarifies the ADM

The eSport halls and LANs closed throughout Italy would be only three, moreover due to serious irregularities which would also involve the use of software without authorization.

After the controversy raging due to the closure of the eSport and Lan halls by theExcise, Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM) following a complaint from an entrepreneur operating in the slot machine sector, ADM issued a document to clarify the whole issue. The situation seems to be much less serious than that reported by the operators of the theaters that have been closed and in fact the places scattered throughout Italy would not be at risk. The latter would have spread news that ADM defines simply as false and unsubstantiated:

It should be noted that the news spread regarding the closure of all the Local Area Network (LAN) rooms of the national territory are totally devoid of any foundation.

To demonstrate the lack of truthfulness of the information disseminated by some recipients of the measures, in one of the 4 cases checked, the commercial operator exhibited and made available to the inspectors the administrative documentation currently recognized as correct for the exercise of game in the LAN room. This allowed the Games Management to recognize the legitimacy of the activity carried out by the private entity and, therefore, to conclude the administrative inspection without any accounting or administrative significance.

Therefore, it is quite clear that the purpose of the checks carried out last weekend was to ascertain compliance with the regulations currently in force, with the aim of protecting the operators in the market of LAN rooms that provide gaming equipment in legally and responsibly.

In the other three cases, ADM has instead drawn up administrative seizure reports pursuant to law 689/81, for the equipment intended for gaming, without any form of authorization, license, non-constitutive concession, permit or clearance in any case. named.

In particular, in one of these three cases, the same operator, at the time of submitting the certified notification of the start of activity to the municipal body, declared that he was installing video games which, however, were completely without certification and authorizing titles.

By reason of the foregoing, it follows that all sector events, including thematic fairs and gaming in the LAN rooms themselves, are in no way prejudiced if carried out in compliance with the sector rules and that the news disseminated they do not correspond to the reality of the facts.

According to what was written, the three closed rooms would not have had the necessary licenses for the computers rented to customers and there would have been unauthorized software on them, that is, the license for use in public places was missing. The bottom line is that there would be no bad entrepreneur other than a machine with a lazy and backward state behind the closure of the theaters, but only a bad management of the same.

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Sale eSport and Lan, only three closed due to serious irregularities and lack of licenses, clarifies the ADM

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