Smartphone, there is a way to preserve the battery: so it does not drain anymore

However beautiful it may be aesthetically, functional to our needs or simply fashionable, any smartphone must have at least one indisputable quality: a battery up to the occasion.

All mobile phone manufacturers are improving the performance of one battery which by now must last at least a day, but the excessive use of smartphones does not allow the battery itself to withstand the shock wave of 24 hours, in operation (not in stand by) more than half in many, too many, cases.

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In this context of life, it is first of all to try as much as possible to use the mobile phone sparingly, then rely on remedies to preserve the battered battery of any smartphone, Android or Apple.

That awesome feature, it consumes a lot of battery

One of the most universally used methods by millions of users struggling with this serious problem is to disable battery-consuming applications when they are not being used. Many apps, in fact, continue to run in the background even when not in use.

Here is the method for those apps that a user rarely uses. For Android smartphones you have to follow this simple path: tap on Settings, then Applications, so Application Managementwhere to select the app you rarely use and tap on Deactivate to close the background app. For those who let themselves be enchanted by the devices of the Apple the most famous bite in the world, on the other hand, a double tap on the button is enough Home, then swipe with your finger upwards starting from the window for the App. For those who have a mobile phone made in Windows Phone, they only have to do three very easy steps: long press the back button, then tap on the X of the app window, at the end deactivate those apps in operation.

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Smartphone battery –

Another remedy that helps save battery is to turn on the energy saving mode, a function that all smartphones have, dedicated to those who accuse a loss of battery performance, too quickly. On Android this is the path to follow: Settings> Battery> Energy options> Battery> Energy Saving> if it is active, Deactivated. This instead is the path on IOS devices: Settings> Battery> energy saving mode, the latter to be activated manually.

The guidelines for optimizing the battery with the “energy saving” mode for Windows Phone smartphones: Settings> System> Energy saving mode, here set the item Keep the energy saving mode active until the next recharge.

Another trick? If possible, when we are especially in an emergency, turn off GPSthat function that serves to locate your position via satellite consumes a lot.

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Smartphone, there is a way to preserve the battery: so it does not drain anymore

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