Steam: the client has been updated, here are the news for May 2022

Valve has released a new one update for the Steam client, which includes various improvements. Here are all the news of May 2022.

Let’s start with the General corrections by Steam:

  • Fixed an issue with Steam Chat, game properties and other pop-up windows not appearing on Windows
  • The format of the currency in the Russian rubles and South African rand wallets has been updated
  • Improved formatting of currencies in some places, including the display of the Steam wallet balance, to better match the way currencies are displayed on the store

Let’s see the changes to the library by Steam:

  • Significantly improved performance when opening the details of the app for games with many DLCs, such as Rocksmith 2014.
  • Fixed mini-profiles not appearing on hover in the Playing Friends section
  • Added Steam Deck compatibility options to dynamic collections

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As for instead Steam Cloudthe changes are:

  • Fixed game files not being backed up / restored on user switch or app compatibility in those cases where the game file location and the Steam backup location are on different volumes
  • Fixed the case where the timestamp of a local file changes, but the file itself is not changed, so as not to unnecessarily create a file conflict
  • Fixed condition that caused unknown file timestamps in the Cloud Conflict dialog and fixed the dialog to display “Unknown” in all remaining cases where the timestamp is not available
  • Fixed sync error for games that converted files saved to Cloud within folders
  • Fixed Cloud sync for some games with slightly malformed cross-platform Steam Cloud sync settings
  • Fixed to no longer leave previous Steam users’ game saves for most games that use the AutoCloud feature. This behavior was considered the safest, but it gave the impression that game files were being shared / placed between Steam accounts. Now these files will be moved (rather than copied) to the secure local backup location used by Steam when the account changes.

Finally, here is another list of corrections:

  • Steam Overlay – Fixed corruption of some Vulkan applications on Intel Xe GPUs
  • Remote Play – Opens the on-screen keyboard if the game calls the Steamworks ShowGamepadTextInput () API while streaming to the Steam Deck.
  • SteamNetworkingSockets – Fixed a bug that caused servers using FakeIP to not display in the server browser.
  • SteamNetworkingSockets – Fixed a bug that could cause poor performance and assertions if packet loss was extremely high

As always, the Steam update will activate on first launch. Finally, we leave you to the ranking of the best-selling games and hardware at the beginning of May 2022.

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Steam: the client has been updated, here are the news for May 2022

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