Stolen phone, goodbye to thefts: from today you just have to do this –

Did you lose your phone or have it been stolen? Has a part of you gone with him? There are some simple steps you can take to find your cell phone without calling the authorities.

Now if our phone is lost or stolen it is as if we have lost a part of us. Inside we have everything, from social profiles to important work documents.

The data on our smartphone is essential for us, if it ends up in the wrong hands it is a great risk. To manage to blocking the cell phone hooliganism is important for the security of our personal data.

Fortunately, as with computers, they are both advanced technological tools, so it’s not even difficult find a phone and locate it.

So how do you find a stolen phone? Carabinieri could help us find and trace a cell phone, but even alone we can do it. In this mini guide we will see together how to track a stolen smartphone, turned off and without GPStotally free and without too many risks.

Lock the phone

In order to lock a smartphone it it must be on and have the active position, as well as localization. With the “find my mobile” service present in all devices, both Android and iPhone, it is possible to proceed remotely.

As for phones with android system, just go to the dedicated Android page and log in with Google. Then you can click on the lost or stolen phone and proceed with the operation.

Phone on the screen shows that it has been locked

Following the procedure you will see the smartphone located on a map and in that case it can also be blocked or even reset.

Instead if you have an iPhone, you will need to open the application called “find my iPhone”. In this section you can select the affected device and see where it is located.

Also in this case you have to choose whether block it or set the “lost cell phone” mode following the instructions which are shown on the screen step by step. These are the two most effective ways to block a stolen phone.

Phone stolen, what to do?

As mentioned above, to locate our phone you need to use the “find your phone” service. It would be a service designed by Google to locate the phone, especially when it has been stolen. This service is offered totally free for both iPhone and Android.

There is a method for make the lost smartphone ring, even if it is in silent modethanks to the “find a lost device” function.

When we are sure it has been stolen, what should we do? After locating the device mobile and then blocked, it is necessary make a report to the authorities knowledgeable who will help find the thief. So, it would be wise to take the first step by locating the mobile with these solutions and maybe block it and then warn the Carabinieri who will do the rest of the work.

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Stolen phone, goodbye to thefts: from today you just have to do this –

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