The Apple Watch Series 8 will be able to detect the anomalous temperature of the wearer: the indiscretions

To reiterate the indiscretion is Mark Gurman on Bloomberg: the new wearable will not indicate a precise fever value, but will only recommend the use of a thermometer

The new Apple Watch Series 8 expected this fall could take another step forward in terms of monitoring the user’s health and well-being. According to Mark Gurman in his weekly newsletter Power On on Bloomberg, Cupertino would be thinking of inserting a function on its wearable to detect the abnormal temperature of the person.

However, the device would not be able to provide an accurate fever data and for this reason would advise you to measure it with a thermometer or to contact a doctor directly. A feature that does not sound totally new since Gurman himself had already talked about it last April, even if in the past months he had instead ruled out the possibility that it would be introduced.

At the moment it does not appear that the new sensor can receive FDA approval to be able to figure as a medical device also for measuring fever (which instead is already in the making of an Ecg). In this the situation seems analogous to the blood saturation detection introduced in the Apple Watch Series 6 only as a functionality linked to Wellness.

The (few) other news

From the news gathered by the journalist it emerges instead that the sensor for detecting the anomalous temperature it will be inserted both on the standard model of the Apple Watch Series 8, and on the new one with a more resistant body especially designed for extreme sports lovers. Its presence on the cheaper Watch SE model has been set aside for the moment.

The software side will make its appearance the watchOS 9 unveiled at the latest WWDC and which will increasingly focus on health-related functions such as atrial fibrillation history, new sleep tracking modes, and the Drugs app to monitor your medication intake.

Gurman, on the other hand, does not foresee any particular hardware innovations for the Series 8 which should have a processor capacity quite similar to that of its two predecessors. Remaining in the health field, the Bloomberg journalist then excludes that the new versions of Air Pods Pro may have features for monitoring heartbeat or body temperature itself.

04 July


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The Apple Watch Series 8 will be able to detect the anomalous temperature of the wearer: the indiscretions

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