The best Swiss Army knives for the adventurous

There is no season that holds: any moment of the year is good for a mini vacation camping And of thehiking. More and more, in fact, are the people who prefer a camper Spartan and Gods boots feet: recovering contact with nature therefore seems to have become the real must, especially after whole months in which we have lived, worked and studied without ever leaving the house. Wanting to walk the paths in the woods, however, also obliges us to equip ourselves with everything necessary to ensure that the experience is safe and the Swiss Army knives are undoubtedly an essential passe-partout tool: in fact, they are tools with a thousand uses which in just a few centimeters contain blades, hacksaws, scissors and corkscrews. So let’s find out how to choose the perfect model and the best options available on Amazon to buy with the discounts of Black Week.

The rules of the perfect Swiss Army knife

Let’s start from an observation: the model of Swiss Army knife absolute perfect does not exist. In fact, everything depends on your specific needs and the circumstances in which you intend to use it. In general, however, great attention must always be paid to the materials of both the handle and the individual removable tools. As regards the casing, for example, there are two possibilities: plastic and steel. The first, especially if chosen in bright colors, is undoubtedly easier to identify if the knife falls to the ground; the second, on the other hand, is slightly more resistant and long-lasting.
Regarding the choice of the number of tools contained within it, however, it is good that your Swiss Army knife has at least one smooth blade, one serrated, a pair of small scissors and tweezers for splinters and thorns. How much to exceed with respect to this basic version, then, is a question of the duration of the journey and the expected comfort: the wilder the experience, the more it will be necessary to have suitable tools to deal with any possible circumstance. Parallel to all this, however, it must be considered that as the number of individual instruments increases, so does the weight and size of the object. It is therefore necessary to find the right compromise between the type of excursion you want to experience and the space available in the backpack (or in the pockets).

There are four brands of Swiss knives that, over the years, have stood out for their great quality: Leatherman, Bibury, Honzin and Victorinox. So let’s see together some of their proposals to start evaluating to arrive at the final choice.

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Leatherman Swiss Army Knife



Bibury Swiss Army Knife



Honzin Swiss Army Knife



Victorinox Swiss Army Knife


€76.72 (19% off)

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The best Swiss Army knives for the adventurous

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