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An unspecified number of arcades that make video games and driving simulators available to customers were closed on Friday by agents of the Excise, Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM) after a complaint that accused them of actually competing unfairly with theaters. traditional games. The interested venues are those, widespread in recent years, which provide for a fee workstations with PCs and consoles where you can play various types of sports, driving and fighting video games at a competitive level, such as Fortnite, Call of Duty or Fifaand are technically called “LAN rooms” (from Local Area Network).

The eSportPalace of Bergamo is one of these, and has posted a video on Instagram showing the seals placed by ADM agents, in which one of the managers announces that “all LAN rooms in Italy no longer exist”. It is not actually clear what will happen now and if the block will concern all Italian cinemas, but we know what it is due to: a exposed presented by Sergio Milesi, an entrepreneur who owns a Brescia company that manages a series of arcades and bowling alleys in Italy.

The complaint accuses the LAN rooms of making available, for a fee, video games that in theory are instead sold to be played at home, competing unfairly with arcades that pay specific licenses, approvals and taxes for other types of video games. He is asking ADM to verify that the regulations regarding “amusement machines without prizes” are respected, which essentially govern what the devices and software in this kind of arcade should be like.

The complaint attaches the example of a driving simulator of a LAN room and of a simulator of its own games room, “which our company, incurring high costs, in compliance with the rules is obliged to approve through the bodies in charge and then allow its installation and use in premises dedicated to lawful gaming ». Interviewed from the specialized site Agimeg, Milesi said: «Our devices are subjected to numerous checks and it is enough that there is only an authorization to trigger the seizure, while these activities do not seem required to comply with all these procedures. We are unable to understand within which regulatory framework they operate and for this reason we ask ADM to clarify whether these activities are lawful or not and what type of regulations they must comply with “.

ADM had released on Tuesday a circular which invited the owners of the LAN rooms to ensure that their devices were “subjected to homologation / certification, equipped with authorizing titles, subject to the payment of the Tax on entertainment (ISI)”. The deadline was Saturday 30 April.

In the video released by the eSportPalace of Bergamo it is also said that as a consequence even video games made available on devices in electronics stores are no longer legal, nor video game fairs: at the moment in reality there does not seem to be any elements to say that it will really be like this. It is not even known how long the kidnapping will last.

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The closure of the places where video games are played – Il Post

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