The dream of a Mazda MX-5 barchetta comes true

THE CHARM OF A TIMELESS MYTH – Certain cars are a bit like certain sports heroes who inflame audiences: they have the makings of the predestined. Let’s take the Mazda MX-5: it did not become the best-selling spider in the world by chance, but because it was written in its DNA as a pure and simple car, without unnecessary frills, beautiful to look at and above all to drive. Like this Gorgona Carsa young Roman automotive startup, when he had to choose the basis for the realization of the NM Concept, his first custom-built car, had no doubts. The choice fell on the progenitor of the “Miata”, the MX-5 NAa car that was practically born already of the era, if we consider the undisputed charm of its timeless shapes.

AN MX-5 BOAT – With the NM Concept – where the acronym NM stands for Naked Monoposto, to emphasize the “naked” bodywork, stripped of any superfluous component for pure driving fun, and the cockpit with only the driver’s seat – Gorgona Cars plays on the nostalgia factor , interpreting the theme of racing boats of the 40s and 50s of the twentieth century with a mix between classic and modern that seems to be made on purpose to entice the most “true” fans. Everything starts from the donor car, the Mazda MX-5 from first generation, which is lightened by removing the windshield and the doors, made smaller to make room for raised banks with the aim of increasing the stiffness of the body. Body in which, just like on the boats of the past, the driver’s seat is set, surrounded by a rigid tonneau cover typical of cars with this configuration.

QUOTES FROM THE PAST – It is not just a question of simple aesthetics: in addition to being scenographic and captivating, the way the body has been designed is also very aerodynamic. To optimize the flow of air above and below the body, measures borrowed from the races of the past, but also from some special versions of the Mazda MX-5 to which the NM Concept makes no secret of being inspired: the Miata M Speedster of 1995, but above all the Miata Mono-Seat presented five years later at the SEMA in Las Vegas. Compared to the latter, both the fairing that protects the small dashboard with the instrumentation and the hump that starts from the headrest and connects to the tail have a more pronounced curvature. The rear extractor, the completely flat bottom to reduce turbulence in the underbody and the rear tail, which closely resembles that of the 1992 Mazda M2-1006 “CobraSter”, complete the package of aerodynamic appendages.

READY FOR HOMOLOGATION – In NM Concept it’s not just the DNA strands of the first Mazda MX-5 that twist. An important contribution also comes from the last representative of the lineage, the modern ND, from which the 2.0 four-cylinder SkyActive 184 HP engine, the fast and precise six-speed manual gearbox and the self-locking rear differential, which limits the skidding, were taken. of the drive wheels and helps to better download power. Power that, with a processing kitcan increase up to 225 HP: many, many in the face of a car body which, by fitting the bonnet, doors and mudguards in carbon fiber stops the balance needle at 830 kg. In short, the ingredients to have fun, and even a lot, are all there. And the good news is that the Gorgona Cars gem, completely handmade in Italy by specialized craftsmen, is ready to go through the process of homologation for road circulation. The price of fun? 70,000 euros excluding VAT, plus the cost of the donor car.

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The dream of a Mazda MX-5 barchetta comes true

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