The Ferrari SP48 Unica has been unveiled, the new one-off from Maranello – Trials and News

The Maranello-based company has removed the veils from the Ferrari SP48 Unica, daughter of the Special Projects program aimed at customers in search of maximum exclusivity.
Based on the platform of the F8 Tributo, with which it also shares the award-winning twin-turbo V8, it maintains the typical silhouette of two-seater mid-engined berlinettas unchanged, elevating their aesthetic contents with innovative solutions from the Ferrari Style Center directed by Flavio Manzoni. From the F8 Tributo it stands out above all in the front, sharper and characterized by the futuristic grille and the front air intakes, worked with new 3D modeling techniques.
The design highlights the transition from black to body color involving windows, roof and bonnet. The glass surface creates a visor effect in the front, with the complicity of reducing the area of ​​the side windows and eliminating the rear window, thus enhancing the muscularity of the SP48 Unica which appears to be sculpted in a single block.

On the aerodynamic level, the most evident innovations compared to the F8 Tributo are the inlets for the engine cooling flows on the front bumper and under the rear spoiler, equipped with a deep procedural grille whose orientation is optimized in each section to maximize the flow rate of the engine. ‘air. The configuration of the car made it possible to place an air intake dedicated to cooling the intercoolers immediately behind the side windows, which allowed to reduce the size of the vents on the sides.

The increase in the rear overhang has reduced the aspiration of the roof area to the advantage of the rear load. The personalization of the interior, which retains a substantial technical identity with those of the F8 Tributo, is based on the elimination of the rear window and on an intense research work on the combination of colors and upholstery that best suited the sporty character of the SP48 Unica. Among the novelties there is the black Alcantara upholstery with specially developed laser perforations that covers most of the seats and the passenger compartment, under which you can see the iridescent fabric from red to orange in the same color as the bodywork. Its motif echoes that of the hexagons that fade from the grilles and the livery on the roof, as an element of continuity between the interior and exterior. Inside, the polished end caps with the same laser-embossed hexagonal motif also catch the eye. The matte carbon fiber that embellishes the interior gives a very technical touch to the passenger compartment, completed by finishes in Gunmetal Gray. As always happens on the occasion of the one-offs in Maranello, no data has been disclosed on the performance delivered by the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine on the F8 Tributo capable of delivering 720 hp and 770 Nm of torque.

The price paid by the anonymous buyer is also top secret.


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The Ferrari SP48 Unica has been unveiled, the new one-off from Maranello – Trials and News

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