“The more you sacrifice, the luckier you are.” Francesco Sole reveals the secret of his best sellers

Francesco Sole makes its online debut at just 20 years old. He was in the year 2013 and begins to publish completely original video content. In a short time it conquers millions of fans and in 2014 Maria De Filippi he wants it to Tu Si Que Vales together with Belen Rodriguez for two editions. In the same year he published his first book for Mondadori, Moods on sheets of paper, immediately best seller. From there he never stopped, every book by him is a success, like the last one, released in 2022 for Sperling & Kupfer, Love always finds you.

Francesco Sole told us how the idea for his new book was born, he revealed his romantic side and the secret that made him one of the most widely read Italian writers of the last decade. And for those interested, one of his plans for the future is to find a wife.

Tell us about your book, Love always finds you: how did the idea come about?
Quite simply I was looking for a story that was contemporary and realistic, unlike what I usually do when I create stories that are a little out of time. So I went to look for her in the dating apps which are beautiful dream candles but when they light up they don’t always make your dream come true in a romantic way. Instead I wanted to bring some romance into a background that is usually far from that sentiment.

In your books you often talk about romance: are you a romantic person?
For nothing [ride ndr]. No kidding, the truth is that they are little, but when they are, they are in a cinematic way. I don’t waste the moment to celebrate special occasions with romanticism.

If I’m not indiscreet, can you tell us one of these moments?
On the first day of my sister, Selene, which means Moon – my mom used to call us Sun and Moon as a child – every hour I sent her a bouquet of tulips in the dental office where she works. I relieved her stress with a little sweetness.

You have already written 8 books, all of them best sellers: what is the key to the success of your books?
I believe consistency. I don’t think there is a great formula, if not consistency: you commit as much as possible to play the game, then there is the one that goes well, the one that goes a little less well, the one in which you score three goals. Consistency in my opinion is the fil rouge that binds dreams to reality. As a child I had the dream of becoming a writer and I tried to make it happen. But I think anyone who works hard to harness their talent can get what they want. For me, writing more than a talent is a passion that I have tried to follow without compromise and now it is a happy job. I like to say that I was also lucky, after 8 books it becomes more and more difficult to talk about it, but it is also true that luck comes if you make many sacrifices. The more you sacrifice, the luckier you are, the more you fuck your ass, the luckier you are. Keeping writing and being honest in writing are my strengths. Then I like to listen, so I don’t like making books that answer but books that ask questions, in my opinion.

Francesco Sole

Do you have a favorite book?
I must say that now I am very conditioned by my parents. Among these, leaving out the last one, my favorite is So is love, because it is a lot of fun. But in general I would say that my favourite is The little Prince.

Did Antoine de Saint-Exupéry inspire you in your writing career?
The little Prince it’s the book that made me want to tell stories with a little poetry. While not all of my books are about love, each one has a different theme. The fil rouge it is definitely the romantic element, but for example The heart fixer it speaks of suffering and death, but it always has a poetic key, in this case magic and resilience. Of love in itself I speak little, in reality I describe a somewhat romantic vision of life and love also passes through it. However, I do not describe patterns to understand what love is, but to ask questions about feelings.

Since you talked about poetic vision, what is your favorite poet?
They call me a poet but I’m not. To tell the truth, I don’t have a favorite poet, maybe Neruda or Prévert.

In addition to being a novelist, you worked on TV: tell us about the experience a Tu si que vales?
There too I wrote. It was an extraordinary experience that gave me so much. That format is based on talent and I work with talent. Beyond the moment of writing which is perhaps more lonely, everything that comes after, to videos on the Internet, to producing and collaborating with influencers – which is part of my job – I always relate to talented people. And that program taught me to understand the talent which for me means having the courage to go to the middle of the square and tell about oneself, without too much planning, simply expressing oneself in front of someone.

Projects for the future?
In addition to work projects, looking for a girlfriend, marrying me, having children. And if I can’t, I will propose myself as a Tronist to Men and Women. Sooner or later I’ll find someone who wants to marry me[ride ndr] and then I know how to cook, do massages, I know how to entertain in front of good wine, I’m not jealous, I quickly get along according to the occasion. Instead on a professional level, I’m working on a saga, so a slightly more complex editorial project.

Francesco Sole

Francesco Sole

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“The more you sacrifice, the luckier you are.” Francesco Sole reveals the secret of his best sellers

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