The smart device that analyzes urine and mounts in the toilet is born. Withings made it

Withings unveiled its latest wellness device at CES: is called U-Scananalyzes the urine and traces, through this analysis, a clinical picture.

U-Scan consists of two distinct parts: a “reader”, which is installed in the toilet, and a replaceable cartridge contained within the reader itself.

Operation is very simple: the user mines directly on the device which, through the integrated cartridge, detects a whole series of health-related parameters. Parameters that are collected and analyzed by the Withings app.

The type of parameters collected depends precisely on the internal cartridge: at the moment two have been presented, the Cycle Sync, which measures the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) to provide answers regarding ovulation or the quantity of testosterone, and the Nutri Balance which, through the analysis of many factors including PH, provides answers about the quality of the diet.

According to Withings, the user won’t have to worry about cleaning the device: once you’ve done what you have to, simply using the toilet flush will help sanitize the device. Cleaning is a matter of extreme importance, since you have to open the reader – more or less once every three months – to change the internal cartridge.

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U-Scan is also aimed at institutions: an experiment has already started with a Parisian hospital

As curious as it may seem, the use of such a device has a scientific value: “Urine contains tons of information about your daily health and, unlike blood tests, testing is a non-invasive procedure. Healthy adults urinate about seven times a day – why not take advantage of something you’re already doing?” said Mathieu Letombe, CEO of Withings.

Withings’ project aims to create a long series of cartridges, in order to obtain a quantity of data comparable to that obtained from urine analyzes carried out by a laboratory: “We have this vision, or rather this dream, where everyone can have a home lab and get the desired results effortlessly and without sending samples to anyone.”continues the manager.

The smart device that analyzes urine and mounts in the

But U-Scan is not only aimed at private users: a trial is already active with the French hospital Georges Pompidou in Paris which involves the use of the device in following patients with kidney stones. In the coming months, the experimentation will also extend to the Institut Curie, in an attempt to create a system for the early detection of bladder and ovarian cancer.

In Europe in the second half of 2023, but the price is high: starting from 499.95 euros with two cartridges

In addition to the possible repulsion for an object in constant contact with urine – even if, as mentioned, Withings ensures the most complete hygiene – there is however another aspect that could determine the flop of the project, and that is the price. U-Scan will be sold in Europe at a starting price of 499.95 euros, with availability scheduled for the second half of 2023.

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Included in the price is a Cycle Sync cartridge and a Nutri Balance. Withings is evaluating various possibilities regarding the commercial aspects of U-Scan: one of the hypotheses is the creation of a subscription plan which will periodically provide all the cartridges the user needs. Including those not yet presented.

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The smart device that analyzes urine and mounts in the toilet is born. Withings made it

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