The trick to permanently disable notifications arriving on your smartphone really works

Notifications on your phone are important, but what to do when they are too many: how to disable all or part of notifications

When we talk about apps and notifications, we are dealing with a topic that interests many: these are important elements but which in some cases can be excessive, lead to confusion or distraction. Here’s what and how to turn off notifications.

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One of the features, so to speak, and important aspects that relate to smartphones is represented by push notifications. This is the medium engaged by apps to send to the user communications and alerts that interest.

If there aren’t, the user in question would have to open each one individually app and take a look at any news, wasting time and at the same time, perhaps risking missing out on important news.

Premise then the important utility of notifications, sometimes those that bind to apps can be too many, at the risk of finding the phone full of notifications. And so the opposite effect occurs. The phone vibrates or rings continuously, ending up creating confusion And distraction, even following warnings that may not be worthy of note.

This is where it is useful to know how to act on notifications and apps by customizing their management. It’s possible turn off notifications which you may not want to receive or which are deemed not useful. It can be done in a few steps and so much for Android how much from iOS iPhones.

How to turn off android app notifications

Speaking of time to save, this aspect that not everyone knows about can certainly arouse interest Whatsapp, a function that binds to documents and multimedia content that makes everything more immediate.

Returning to the point, as regards the devices android, since it is a more open system, it allows some more options regarding the customization. Facts present various levels of permissions around app notifications.

Firstly, in the case of a notification by one app from which you do not want to be disturbed in any way, the solution is very fast. Just hold down for a few seconds on notification itself and is indicated “turn off notifications”.

That way there won’t be any more. Otherwise, you can select “set as silent”so that it arrives but will not generate sound.

But you can do even more on Android. There is the possibility single choice of each type of notification to be sent, in such a way as to limit them without excluding them. A user could only keep those that he judges and considers to be really important.

By doing so, when you take a look at the lock screen, or Always On Display, you will not receive an invitation to start the device.

Android, how to turn off notifications: other aspects to know

It must be borne in mind that each app has its own list, and there is a way to access this menu of the single app by following two paths that lead to the same point.

Press and hold for a few seconds on the notification, you can go up “other settings“. At that point, you need to go to the main menu “settings” of the device, go to “apps”, and from the relative list, press on the apps of interest, and then select “manage notifications”.

Here, a complete list will appear for you to customize the aforementioned push notifications. Above all there is “allow notifications”, from absolute functioning like “deactivate” seen previously. In case it is turned off, none will come, and the other settings will disappear, since they will not be active.

If you opt instead for to allow notifications, continue. Just below, are the two places where notifications can be shown. The lock screen and then the banner above it.

You can insert or remove the check according to your needs. For reason of privacy, it is also present “Hide notification details on lock screen“. When active, the block notification will appear as anonymous and without details.

The most interesting section is further down, that is, where there are different switches based on the “genres” of notifications that can reach the device. For example, Facebook allows you to receive different types of notifications: from likes to comments, from birthdays to suggestions, etc.

The user can indicate what he prefers, leaving some and possibly deactivating others. When things are done, just exit the menu, ei changes will be active.

How to turn off iPhone notifications: how it works

The procedure above iPhones it is more streamlined since it is a more closed system than the previous one. The consequence, however, is that everything is more rapid.

First you need to go to the main menu settings, from where you will have to select the app of interest. There is the complete list, but also the possibility to search for them by writing their name.

After accessing the item of the app in question, you will have to go to the menu “notifications”, with the opening of a panel similar to the one covered by the previous description about Android.

There’s a switch to turn off all notifications from that app. Leaving it active, further down it is possible to select the places where to allow them. These are the lock screen and notification center. And more banners, each with its specific permission.

The user also has a way to decide it style of the latter. Below then, there are some decisions to make about the mode of notifications that you do or do not want to have. For example sounds, badges, or even siri and more.

Basically, compared to Android, there are no customizations related to the categories of notifications. But there are more about the reception method.

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The trick to permanently disable notifications arriving on your smartphone really works

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