Update Telegram: there are a lot of news

Telegram continues to beat all competing apps ten-to-zero, including WhatsApp, when it comes to speed and quantity of updates. While on WhatsApp months pass between the indiscretion on a novelty and its official announcement, and other months between the announcement and the arrival of the new function, on Telegram there are not even the indiscretions: the company every month (everyone, without exception) launches one or more news, fixes small bugs, adds functions for both Premium and non-paying users.

So, while WhatSapp users are still waiting for Community, which in the meantime have arrived, but on Facebook Messenger (and they look a lot like Telegram channels, with a sprinkle of Discord servers), a lot of news has just arrived on Telegram, mostly available on Telegram for free.

Telegram news: endless reactions

The reaction on Telegram they are now normal and there are many. Indeed: infinite. Now, in fact, all users can use the reactions that were previously only available for Telegram Premium users. There are so many that Telegram had to create a new expandable panel to find and select the right one.
To users Premiumhowever, comes a further welcome novelty: the ability to use up to three reactions at the same time. Also on Premium, then, the user can choose from an infinite selection of customized Emojis.

Telegram news: been with the Emoji

Another novelty reserved for Telegram Premium users is the ability to add one animated emoji status and to make it appear instead of the badge “Premium“which normally appears next to the name of those who use paid Telegram.

The choice, once again, is vast: 7 standard states (but which change color to adapt to the theme chosen by the user) or one of the endless custom emojis available.

Telegram news: simplified access

New animations for the login and / or registration screen arrive on Telegram for iOS, already seen on Android. Also, those who often log in and out of the app can now make it easier to log in by receiving the codes via e-mailor by logging in with theApple ID or theGoogle account.

Telegram news: usernames

Anyone with a public profile, group or channel can choose a custom username on Telegram, which usually follows the pattern “t.me/username“. Now, however, Telegram introduces the possibility of using the scheme”username.t.me“, easier to type and remember.

Telegram news: priority downloads

Another function already present on iOS, which now arrives on Android, is the “Prioritization of downloads”. In practice, we can now choose, in the case of several large downloads launched at the same time, which file to give priority over the others. That file will be downloaded first.

The novelty is very useful because on Telegram it is possible send files of all kindswith dimensions up to 2 GB each.

Telegram news reserved for Android

Finally, with the Telegram update of September 2022 there are also new ones smooth animations in the general interface of the Android app and, only on Android 13 and later, also the themed icon made possible by the new Google operating system.

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Update Telegram: there are a lot of news

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