What car does Amadeus have? Here is his magnificent fireball

Amadeus is one of the best-known Italian conductors, but few know the car that he usually drives on the streets of the Belpaese.

For several years now there have been very few characters in the world of entertainment who manage to have the celebrity and success that the conductor has been able to build for himself Amadeus, with his name that has become increasingly famous thanks above all to San Remo Festivalbut few know what kind of car he drives.

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By now we have all perfectly learned to know the well-known conductor who over the years has truly been an icon of the small screen of the Belpaese.

We remember him in an extremely pleasant way when we think back to the various quizzes that were presented on Rai 1, with his beginnings which took place with “The legacy” as far as “Chain reaction”.

In his case it can certainly be stated with absolute certainty that hard work always pays off in the end, in fact for some years now he has been conducting the Italian Music Festival of San Remo.

Since then he has been widely considered a true icon in the world of entertainment, with everyone who wants to know more and more in detail and specifically the loves and passions of this man who has now practically become family.

So this is why it is nice and interesting to know which type of car is in the good graces of Amadeus, with the conductor who has always claimed to adore comfort and relaxation once he gets behind the wheel of his own four-wheeler, so the choice perfectly reflects his starting idea.

In fact, the car that the tenant owns in his garage Amadeus it’s a Mercedes M-Classone of the most enchanting SUVs ever made by the Stuttgart company and with truly breathtaking features.

Amadeus and the Mercedes M-Class: a dream SUV

It’s not a too recent car, indeed maybe someone might be surprised by this choice by the driver, but we’re talking about one of the most dominant cars that can be found on the square.

In fact, we note how its length touches 478 cm, for a width of 191 cm and finally a height that even stands at 182 cm, with the tank that incredibly reaches 95 litres.

This obviously allows it to have an extraordinary autonomy, with full of this Mercedes that allows even being able to travel the beauty of 1500 km, a truly extraordinary result

Naturally however one of the great flagships of the house of Stuttgart it is the engine, in fact we note how a 3000cc V6with the power of its horses inside it manages to reach up to the number of 612.

The cost to be a SUVs license plate Mercedes it’s not even that expensive, in fact it starts from a starting price of 58,000 euros, but we don’t know exactly what accessories the conductor decided to use.

Mercedes M-Class (AdobeStock)
Mercedes M-Class (AdobeStock)

The choice of Mercedes therefore it continues to confirm itself as very suited to the world of entertainment, with the Stuttgart house which has always been considered an absolute jewel of technology and comfort. Also Amadeus he could not help but be enchanted by Mercedes and who knows that in the future he may not also be able to choose a gearbox for his own four-wheeler.

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What car does Amadeus have? Here is his magnificent fireball

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