What’s new in Fortnite’s Battle Royale – Chapter 3, Season 4: Heaven

In Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 4: Heaven, a mysterious substance has appeared on the island. Chrome will consume everything, Chrome will be everything. Welcome Chrome with open arms by transforming structures into Chrome, transforming yourself into Chrome and demonstrating the power of Chrome weapons.

Go through the walls

Not even wood, stone, brick and metal can do anything against Chromium. Has an enemy built a structure to defend themselves? Throw one Chrome sketch against walls to make them penetrable, then jump into the building and surprise your opponents!

Fortnite Chrome Splash

Chrome sketch.

The best shape of your life

Fortnite Chrome-ified

If you can’t defeat him, do this: cast a Chromium Sketch to chromize yourself. You will become pure Chromium for a limited time, meaning you will be immune to fire damage and … you will become a blob while shooting. But don’t be fooled by this clunky, rounded shape – the truth is that in the blob state you’ll move faster, be immune to fall damage, and gain the air sprint ability. Shoot against any building piece to chrome it, then go through it!

Soft chrome Chrome

Fortnite Herald's Sanctum

But Chromium isn’t just expanding at points of interest – it’s built a whole new one! Scale the Temple of the Herald (near the abandoned Sanctuary) and dominates the landscape from the top of this tower with honorable hexagonal foundations.

A new position of advantage

Fortnite Cloudy Condos

Because they feared Chromium, some places on the island tried to “get safe” in the sky, above all Condominium Canyon: now it’s called Cumulonimbus condominiums and it is an expanding POI that will allow you to attack from above. What’s one way to get there? Use one of the devices D-Launchavailable at various points on the island to help you gain an advantage.

Fortnite D-Launcher


Over time they improve

Fortnite EvoChrome Shotgun

EvoCromo heavy rifle.

The introduction of Chromium led to the creation of EvoCromo heavy rifle he was born in Vampafucile EvoCromo. Find these weapons in the Chests Chrome and watch them increase in rarity as you use them to damage opponents – from uncommon to legendary!

Fortnite EvoChrome Burst Rifle

Vampafucile EvoCromo.

PEC Weapons (Before the Chrome Era)

Certain pre-heaven things still work fine … Use the old strategies with out of stock weapons and weapons in tune with the past:

  • Secondary gun

  • Raw heavy rifle

  • Heavy lever action rifle

  • Rapid fire submachine gun

  • Silenced submachine gun

  • Ranger Assault Rifle

  • Hammer Assault Rifle

  • Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)

  • Hunter’s Sniper Rifle

  • Grenade

  • Jar of fireflies

  • Fiocina

  • Shadow Hound (Exotic Weapon)

  • Dub (exotic weapon)

  • Boom Sniper Rifle (Exotic Weapon)

  • Dancer bomb (not technically a weapon but it looks like it)

  • Shockwave grenade (this is also not technically a weapon, yet it is here)

A sniper love

Fortnite Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper

The Hunter’s Sniper Rifle, which debuted in Chapter 3 – Season 1: Upside Down.

Speaking of Weapons … Sniper weapons in general (including those still in stock) have received increased damage dealt and headshot multipliers. Expert snipers and sharpshooters, rejoice – now it can take just one shot to send someone back to the Lobby. Keep your head up and, if your aim is perfect, take out your opponents once again with a shot (even in Zero Build mode!).

  • Hunter’s Sniper Rifle: Damage and headshot multiplier increased

  • Shotgun: Damage and headshot multiplier increased

  • Automatic sniper rifle: Damage and headshot multiplier increased

  • Lever action rifle: Damage and headshot multiplier increased

  • Silenced Sniper Rifle: increased damage

  • Semi-automatic sniper rifle: increased damage

  • Rail cannon: increased damage

  • Bolt-action sniper rifle: increased damage

  • Heavy sniper rifle: Headshot multiplier increased

  • Storm Scout Sniper Rifle: Headshot multiplier increased

  • Boom sniper rifle: Explosive damage increased

Keys to success

Fortnite Vault Keys

Becoming Chrome isn’t the only way to unlock your potential. It is very likely that you will find some on the island keys: use them to open i vault that contain loot! To open i low security vault only one key is needed, while to open the high security vault you need two (as a reward you will receive more items!). Where to find this booty under lock and key? Once you have collected one or more keys, you will see key lock indicators appear on your map to help you.


Fortnite Port-A-Bunker

Enemies attack you? Deploy a powerful fast cover with a Bunkatile, which for this season will replace the Fortatile. Launch the Bunkatile to create an instant 1×1 structure with reinforced metal walls, a versatile ramp, defensive doors and tires to repel would-be invaders – no building required!

Battle Pass Chapter 3 – Season 4

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass

Gather an eclectic team and enjoy Heaven. With the purchase of the Battle Pass this season, you will unlock immediately Paradigm (Reality-659)… if the enemies of chrome are your passion. As you progress through the Battle Pass, you will be able to unlock Spider-Gwenplus the following characters:

  • Byte

  • Grriz

  • Myoskeleton

  • Rosa Lennox

  • Twyn

For Chrome devotees, don’t worry: the Heraldwill be unlockable throughout the season!

Slide kick

Fortnite Sliding

Oh yes! Now you can fend off opposing players by throwing yourself at them in a slide!

Notes on competitions

Restricted hardware

Beginning this season, players using restricted devices that provide, or aim to provide, a competitive advantage will receive an in-game warning. Players will need to disconnect the hardware device and restart Fortnite to continue playing. Attempting to circumvent this restriction will result in a permanent Fortnite ban. Restricted devices include Cronus Zen and Cronus Max, among others.

We will continue to evaluate which new hardware devices provide an edge to gamers. Learn more about restricted hardware devices here: fn.gg/RestrictedHardware

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What’s new in Fortnite’s Battle Royale – Chapter 3, Season 4: Heaven

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