WhatsApp, another big news for users: it will be done by glasses

Another big news is ready to invest the world of WhatsApp. Soon it will be possible to update the status directly from the glasses: the details.

There are always many news on WhatsApp, the latest of which involves updating the status directly from your glasses. So let’s see what could happen soon.

The latest big update coming to the messaging application (Via WebSource)

Whatsapp is ready to face a new phase of renewal, where we will be able to find interesting updates inside it. In fact, there are many functions made official in the last hours and the latest beta version of WhatsApp anticipates the arrival of further functions that will always make more smart the use of the application. Brace yourselves because this news mainly concerns those who have bought the brand new ones Ray-Ban Stories.

In fact, according to what was discovered by the specialized portal WABetaInfo, you will soon be able to update the status by taking photos from this type of glasses. This is what emerged from various investigations on the version of WhatsApp beta. The first signs of this sensational update had already arrived in September 2021. At the moment, however, the WABetaInfo profile has not yet been able to find the launch date of this novelty. So let’s go see the last function arrived on the application.

WhatsApp, polls are also arriving: everything there is to discover

The big news on the messaging application (Via Screenshot)

Whatsapp it is always ready to update itself and to launch numerous innovations within it. In fact, all the tools are installed first on the Beta and then get to the official version. He thought about finding the last function WABetaInfo during the roll-out of the version 2.2216.2. So now the instant messaging application is ready to make chats with our friends and colleagues even more exciting. Indeed are coming in our conversations too the polls.

This feature is already present in other messaging services, such as Telegram. Once again the app developers of A half they decided to take inspiration from Pavel Durov’s colossus, recreating one of its functions. For some time, however, the leaders of the giant were ready to introduce this tool. Thus, after the first experiments, the developers have decided to allow the user to also decide when to send the survey.

Furthermore, the specialized portal has always revealed the first interface concerning the sending of a survey within a group chat. Furthermore, this function had already been tested on the Beta for all devices iOS. After submitting the poll, other contacts can vote from the available options, and other participants have the opportunity to see what other contacts voted. However, the update has yet to be completed and will only arrive in the next few weeks.

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WhatsApp, another big news for users: it will be done by glasses

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