Whatsapp, comes an important novelty to put into practice immediately

WhatsApp at the center of an important novelty with incredible usefulness: proxies have to do with it, to follow all the details to know

When it comes to WhatsApp, great attention is always paid to useful and important news, just like in this case where proxies are involved: all the aspects to know to follow.

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The use of the known and loved instant messaging app it is now daily and common to an incredible number of users. In fact, whether it is a question of work or of one’s private life, every day there are many who exchange messages, audio and text. And again, multimedia content, attachments and so on.

It has become increasingly central in everyone’s life, sometimes it can happen to unable to use it for a handful of minutes, but also, in some cases, for hours. Consider, for example, when, although it does not happen often, the app goes in down.

However, a update that deserves special attention could prevent this from happening and avoid this problem.

In detail, as you can read on WaBetaInfo, in fact, it seems that there will be a way to continue sending messages even when there are internet interruptions. And this precisely by virtue of the proxy servers.

WhatsApp important news: what proxies are and what they are for

The theme Whatsapp he always associates himself with the various and precious Announcements which come to make the user experience better, enrich the app with functions and features and continue to win the favor of the fans.

As mentioned, attention is not lacking, precisely because the ‘green’ application has an incredible number of users. Here’s what may be of interest learn more about the most recent innovations, which are really numerous and which concern different areas of use.

Returning however to the point in question, this novelty is linked to the fact that in certain areas of the world, such as, for example, Iran, there may be governments that act in a way that does not make it possible for citizens to be able to fare using the app that is so popular in the world.

An obstacle that can be addressed by such Announcements. As it is indicated between the Green App FAQ, the way in which you go to set the function that allows you to re-establish the connection with the app is explored.

Simply put, to make people can “communicate freely and securely“. The developers informed that there is a way to engage a proxy, using a server with “80, 443, or 522″ ports, which is available. And again, a domain, or a subdomain which it is “pointing to the IP address of the server”.

To make available specific documentation and the source code of the app was Github.com.

As it reports The newspaper.it, we read of the possibility of considering the idea of ​​sharing these “addresses privately with users“, who are not able to “connect directly to whatsapp.”

Some details about Proxies and privacy

Basically so server works which one intermediaryso to speak, between a device which is located between a browsing user and the portal or page to which one wishes to have access, acting as a go-between.

The same principle will be employed by Whatsapp in relation to any problem if any malfunctions.

One reads that such mechanism saw its creation as much at the time internet should crash for various causes. Think of the action of hackers, technical problems and so on. Its creation however also binds to cope with difficulties posed by some governments, in some countries. This allows people to access the app and exchange messages.

Just for android how much for ios, this function should be visible through the last one update of the same. Within the settings menu, the options.

The developers in this regard have remarked that the connection via proxies holds”the same high level of privacy and security” that the app provides.

There will be the same protection as end-to-end encryption, have specified, with regard to personal messages. They also emphasized the guarantee that the messages will remain between the sender and the recipient, resulting in no visibility to others in between. And they won’t be for the app, proxy servers, and Meta.

As read on Free Technology, however, it is specified by Whatsapp that the Proxy management is done through third parties and not from Meta. As a reflection, it is remembered that whoever is in charge of the management can read the IP address of who is using it. Not what’s inside the conversations.

Basically whoever manages the proxies knows that the messaging app is being used, but not the contents. It is an item relevant since, in certain places where the app has been banned by the regime, it can be source of danger even the simple use of. in this

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Whatsapp, comes an important novelty to put into practice immediately

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