WhatsApp, here are the reactions: now you can reply with an emoji (and it is especially useful in groups)

from Lorenzo Nicolao

An emoji will be enough to give your approval, just like on Facebook. Another step towards the convergence of Zuckerberg’s platforms, which are now increasingly aimed at the world of work

The rumors were circulating for some months alreadybut only now the CEO and founder of A halfalready Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the arrival of the reactions also on Whatsappthe best known instant messaging platform purchased by the same entrepreneur in the February 2014 for over 14 billion euros. As had been anticipated in recent weeks, the landing of the emoji usable as reaction directed to a chat message, which will then respond directly to user interventions. Starting today, at least in the United Statesand cascading into the rest of the world, the reaction which are already widely used on Facebook to reply to posts and comments, will be an additional option within the application interface. Zuckerberg’s choice is also based on the success achieved so far by the reactions available since last December on Telegrama competitor app with features very similar to those of Whatsapp, widely used these days even in the conflict in Ukraine.

The advantages

With a series of tweets the same Will Cathcart, executive of the messaging app, to show the advantages that will bring the reactions to the use of the platform. In a video posted you can in fact see how the reactions are able to replace, especially for groupsa large amount of messages that would only cause a continuation a succession of notifications, generally not loved by users. In recent times, this latter circumstance has occurred above all when writing an ok, an approval thumb with an emoticon or a consent of any kind, which in fact did not add any content to the conversation. The approval of the recipients of a message in this way will no longer pass from a large number of replies in a chain, but from reactions that will be collected at the base of the reference communication, without the chat space on the screen being invaded. Most likely one of the main reasons that make this new product long awaited.

Social convergence

The reactions are the same as for Facebook (the six most classic, from the heart to the angry face, to the one that smiles, that is sad or that expresses amazement, in addition to the normal like). The choice reflects the intentions of Zuckerberg of wanting to continue with his strategy of convergence of different social networksmaking it easier for individual users to use it and imagining in the near future what could be a unified platform, which can also go beyond old criticisms, to problems especially related to privacy. After Community and new functions for groupseven this last opportunity seems to be moving in the direction of a Whatsapp that is used more and more as a professional and work social tool, largely compensating for the opportunity offered by alternative media in the past (Slack, Mattermost Asana), but now almost completely annihilated.

May 6, 2022 (change May 6, 2022 | 12:30 pm)

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WhatsApp, here are the reactions: now you can reply with an emoji (and it is especially useful in groups)

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