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In the last few years, the technological evolution has made great strides towards the simplification of many functions, once difficult to implement. We also think only of phone calls: once upon a time making calls was an expensive activity and one that must always be evaluated very carefully. For example, making a call overseas was a choice that had to be carefully considered given the economic impact of a single call.

With i new means of communication that are made available to us day after day, such processes are incredibly faster, more intuitive and affordable for any pocket. Let’s think, for example, of social networks. Services such as Facebook or Instagramallow everyone to be in constant contact with everyone, regardless of how far they are.

There are now many services (Facebook and Instagram included) which, in addition to allowing short exchanges of messages, have functions for call or video call friends and family around the globe. Of all the instant messaging services that have stood out in this direction, one of the best known and most used always remains Whatsapp.

WhatsApp and the risks


WhatsApp is an instant messaging service, created in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees, Jan Konum and Brian Acton. In 2014 it was purchased by the entrepreneurial group A half, former owner of Facebook and Instagram. Thus was born an incredible communication network, all branded Meta.

WhatsApp was born, as mentioned, as instant messaging service. The intent is therefore to compete with the by now anachronistic SMS. WhatsApp is proposed as a fast, secure and above all free service. But the foresight of the creators does not stop there.

In fact, the service, despite being born with the clear intention of making people communicate with each other, via text messages, rapidly evolves its purpose. Text messages obviously remain but are joined by other services which, little by little, have helped to make WhatsApp unique and complete.

For example, the voice calls and video callswith the ability to connect up to 32 people at a time. It is also made possible to exchange any type of document, from photos to videos. With one of the latest updates it is also possible to send images on WhatsApp in very high quality, preventing the service from losing quality.

But despite the fact that the service is among the most used and appreciated in the world, some dangers they remain and sometimes it can be difficult to find a solution. How to do then?

The unknown function of WhatsApp

Phone with WhatsApp
Shall we chat?

WhatsApp therefore allows you to connect a lot of people simultaneously, managing to manage a huge amount of data. And maybe it happens that among the many chats informal or business where we find ourselves, there are some the contents of which we do not want to be revealed to third parties. We all happen to have that chat that we want to keep away from prying eyes.

The fear of being discovered or of being intercepted by unwanted looks is always there and therefore, how do you get rid of it? It comes to our rescue a WhatsApp feature che, although it has always existed, it tends to be underestimated but which can save your chats from the sight of some bad guys or, simply, too curious.

When you want to hide a chat, making it disappear from the main chat screen, you can do it very easily and we will explain how to do it, using the function “Delete Chat”.

  • Open the application of WhatsApp on your phone
  • If the application is not installed, download it easily from the PlayStore if it’s an Android phone or from the AppStore if the phone is Apple
  • Verify that the application is updated correctly
  • Scroll to home of WhatsApp to the chat you want to hide
  • Exercise pressure on it with your finger
  • Once the chat is highlighted, press the trash can icon
  • At this point, the chat will be completely disappeared from your dashboard.

Don’t worry: do this it will not delete the messages in that chat. In fact, it will be enough for the other person in the chat to rewrite you and, automatically, the chat will be restored with all the messages in their place.

In a few simple steps, you will have solved the problem of privacy and discretion. No more chats exposed to prying eyes.

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WhatsApp, new function to keep messages safe | The spies will despair – Player.it

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