Whatsapp, the “online” status can be hidden

To win back users, the leaders of the messaging app are studying another function to protect privacy. It could be the most anticipated of eight new releases to come

Many users have been waiting for it for a long time now Whatsapp it may soon make it a reality. The ability to hide the online status from everyone is a novelty that has been requested for years by users of the instant messaging app to protect their own privacybut which until now had never seen the light. Halfthe company of Mark Zuckerberg who owns the app since 2014, when it was still called Facebook (now only the social network itself bears this name), it seems instead intent on the turning point, extending what was the possibility of allowing only a few users to view information relating to the last access, as well as the opportunity to deprive their interlocutors chat box of the double blue check if the message received is displayed. The indiscretion, for which there have been no denials, belongs to the site WABetaInfowhich updates its readers on news and possible new functions related to the application.

New version of the app
This novelty is still under development and would be introduced with the future version of the app for iOS (therefore of devices produced by Applelike the iPhone). Until now we only know that users will be able to choose which contacts to show their online status, through an ad hoc screen within the application options. They range from all, to none, passing through many preferential options for the user, whether to manually select specific contacts that can display or simply prevent those not in the address book from being displayed. In this way we want to protect the user above all from strangers, trying to create a more solid barrier against the many contacts not present in the address book, but who for one reason or another managed to recover the phone number. A solution that tries to put a stop to stalkers too. For the near future Meta is already considering introducing the novelty also in the devices Androidas in the web version of the well-known instant communication platform.

The challenge for privacy
On dock on more than one occasion, the same Whatsapp is doing great efforts to regain the trust of users, after some practices deemed improper for which it had been responsible in recent years, leading many to prefer competing applications such as Telegram And Signal. In addition to the status, the leaders of the platform are also thinking about the accessibility of elements such as the profile photo, contact information or “status” (the image, link or video that is shared on the app exactly as if they were Instagram stories and which, with the same criteria, remain online for the next 24 hours). According to WABetaInfo there are still no certainties on the timing for the introduction of this novelty, but the site says that it could be only the most significant of a total of eight new functions that will affect the platform. Others could be related to groups and some actions to favor the media editor and improve i broadcast messagesbut certainly the element of privacy remains the priority and the most awaited novelty to which most of the users of the app are currently sensitive.

05 July


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Whatsapp, the “online” status can be hidden

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