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Check on WhatsApp a method to hide the voice ‘He is typing’ when we are typing a message: let’s find out how to do it.

There are always many tricks on WhatsApp. The last of these allows you to hide the writing ‘is typing’ when we type a message. So let’s find out how it will be possible to do this within the application.

The latest trick present on the messaging application (via screenshot)

There are several tricks on Whatsapp and one of these even allows you to hide the word ‘is writing…. In fact, according to many users, it is a nuisance to show the person we chat with when we are writing and for others, instead, it even puts anxiety in finishing the message. So many have mobilized to find a way to hide the tool. To date we know two simple tricks to use, let’s see what they are.

  • AIRPLANE – The first solution is also the most inconvenient. In fact we can hide the writing ‘Is writing…‘as we type on the keypad just entering airplane mode. Obviously this solution is not recommended because it will also temporarily block your connection. Activating the mode while writing a message or recording an audio, will allow the text to remain pending and so we can decide when to send it.
  • FLYSAT – The second option, on the other hand, is an external application and its name is Fly-Sat. In fact, this app can be downloaded for free on AppStore or PlayStore and will allow the user to enter a sort of incognito browsing. The only problem, however, is that FlySat will only be available with written messages and not with local ones.

WhatsApp, here is the paid version: first subscription for the messaging app

Great turning point for the instant messaging service (via Ansa Foto)

Also WhatsApp is ready to monetize with its application which today has over two billion active users within it. That of Menlo Park is a clear strategy, with the leaders of the giant ready to introduce a premium subscription to make the most of the functionality multi-device. To discover the indiscretion, as always, the specialized portal took care of it WABetaInfo. In fact, according to the site, with this subscription users will be able to use their account up to a maximum of 10 devices.

The classic limit of the multi-device function, in fact, is that of 5 associated devices. This measure could be useful especially in the business environment, especially for those companies that use the application to communicate with their customers. The new functionality it is not active even in the Betas, but it was discovered by rummaging through the meanders of the code of the latest Beta for iOS devices. Furthermore, for years the function has been linked to the main device, in many cases the smartphone, while now it will be free. At the moment they are missing though more precise details on release times And prices of the new subscription. We will therefore have to wait weeks to find out all the news about it.

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WhatsApp, the word “is writing” can finally be hidden: how to do it – Inews24.it

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