WhatsApp, two other sensational news arrive: what they are

Two other sensational news appear on WhatsApp ready to enrich the user experience within the service: everyone is satisfied.

The news never ends within WhatsApp, ready to launch two new functions. In fact, Meta’s messaging service is ready to renew itself with new tools for users: what will change soon.

Two new functions coming to the application (Via Screenshot)

Discovered two new features coming to the messaging application A half. Indeed the specialized portal WaBetaInfo Two new functions are coming to the application. The news concerns both Status updates (the equivalent of the Stories). So the possibility is to view them directly in the chat list. Also like for Instagram now you can add the quick reactions. These novelties are still in development for the moment and are not formally available even in the Beta currently in circulation.

The source of WABetaInfoin fact, she managed to find these new features by rummaging through the maze of the code, in this specific case of the desktop client. Furthermore, the reactions of the stories predict well eight emojis: Smiley with Eyes to heartSmiley with tears of laughterSmiley shockedSmiley sad, Hands giving thanks, Applause, Party And Vote 100. Then by clicking on one of these emoticons it will be possible to send a reaction to the user who has updated their status. Therefore, the updates of the WhatsApp developers continue.

WhatsApp, how to hide the writing ‘He is writing’: new trick

New Great Messaging App Trick (via WebSource)

There are several tricks on Whatsapp and one of these even allows you to hide the word ‘is writing…. In fact, according to many users, it is a nuisance to show the person we chat with when we are writing and for others, instead, it even puts anxiety in finishing the message. So many have mobilized to find a way to hide the tool. To date we know two simple tricks to use, let’s see what they are.

  • AIRPLANE – The first solution is also the most inconvenient. In fact we can hide the writing ‘Is writing…‘as we type on the keypad just entering airplane mode. Obviously this solution is not recommended because it will also temporarily block your connection. Activating the mode while writing a message or recording an audio, will allow the text to remain pending and so we can decide when to send it.
  • FLYSAT – The second option, on the other hand, is an external application and its name is Fly-Sat. In fact, this app can be downloaded for free on AppStore or PlayStore and will allow the user to enter a sort of incognito browsing. The only problem, however, is that FlySat will only be available with written messages and not with local ones.

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WhatsApp, two other sensational news arrive: what they are

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