WhatsApp: why we should use the new feature

The community they are one of the most awaited novelties by users Whatsapp, which has been talked about for some time because, unlike other minor functions, they are really capable of changing the way we use the best known messaging app on a daily basis. Announced to the whole world in mid-April by Mark Zuckerberg himself, now the communities have also arrived in Italyboth on mobile apps for android that iOS be on WhatsApp Web And Whatsapp Desktops.

What are WhatsApp Communities

The WhatsApp community they are a sort of super group, because they enclose within themselves up to 50 groups. Each group has a maximum of 1,024 members, but a community can accommodate up to that maximum 5,000.

All groups included in a community are open groups to all community participants and the user chooses which ones to join. WhatsApp says that i will also be available in the future closed groups.

The community admins they choose how to manage groups: they can join or manage them separately, they can send messages to one or more groups and they can also do general announcements which will be read by all members of all groups. This work is done through the community bulletin boarda space reserved for administrators.

It is important to note that individual members can reply to messages (or send new ones) within the groups they participate in, but they cannot answer to messages sent to everyone by administrators. The latter, in practice, are real announcements from above.

How to create a WhatsApp Community

It is possible to create, use and manage a community both from the WhatsApp app and from WhatsApp Web, via browser. To create one you need to tap/click on the icon in the top left in the shape of stylized people (it replaced the previous one camera icon).

It will open there new interface to create a community and we will have to indicate first name And Description of the community, in addition to the photo to recognize it. At this point we can Insert in the community i groups, or create new ones by adding members. Later it is also possible invite other members via a link.

After inserting the groups and/or individual members that we want to involve in the community, it is also possible to assign to some of them the administrator role.

What are communities for?

Like any new technological tool, the WhatsApp community they have a great potentialboth positive and negative. It will depend a lot on how they will be used and, above all, administered by those who create and manage them.

In the intentions of WhatsApp, however, the communities will serve to manage communication with a large number of people at the same time, without creating the great confusion that would result from having one huge group. Segment your communicationsperhaps based on specific interests, can also make a lot of sense for women companies and the organizations.

The classic example, made by WhatsApp itself, is that of school: a single institute (the community), with many classes (individual groups) and with the need to send communications to single groups or to several groups at the same time: if the school is closed due to snow, the secretariat will send a message on the bulletin board, to all groups, but if a teacher is absent due to illness, it will be enough to send a message only to the groups of the classes in which this teacher would have taught today.

Another example would be a cinema, which creates a community with groups focused on film genres. Each person can choose whether to join the sci-fi film group, the romantic comedy group, the action film group or the auteur film group. To a single group or to multiple groups. Those who manage the cinema, on the other hand, will be able to communicate to everyone when there are offers or news that interest the entire community, such as the opening hours, but also write to Marvel movie lovers only that the new Avengers is being programmed.

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WhatsApp: why we should use the new feature

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